Most Underrated Countries to Visit in 2020: 6 Best Underrated Countries

We all want to seek out adventure and thrill even just for once. Some of us skydive, ride rollercoasters, try out new foods, etc. One good way to seek new experiences is to travel somewhere and enjoy its culture, food, and people. The planet Earth is full of diversities and offers many beautiful places for us humans to feast our eyes upon. The world has many beautiful countries that are full of different cultures, traditions, foods, animals, and so much more. Tired of exploring the most popular holiday destinations? Looking for the most underrated countries to visit in 2020? Look no further as we’ve got your back!


Most Underrated Countries to Visit


In this article, we have compiled a list of countries that are very diverse from each other. Some offer bustlings with traditions, some offer beautiful animals, and others have beautiful geography. We will also mention all of the different activities that you can do in these countries. It is up to your mood and preference to decide which countries you would like to visit. Read on for the most underrated countries to visit in 2020.


It is no surprise that Brazil made it to this list. The country that occupies half of South America. Brazil mostly has a tropical climate. First and foremost, one of the biggest attractions in Brazil is the Amazon rainforest.

If you are willing to go rough and tough then this mysterious and amazing place should be number one on your list. Amazon rainforest offers diverse species of flora and fauna. You will find beautiful birds like toucans, macaws, and parakeets. Amazon forest also caters to a large number of reptiles. Make sure to get lots of mosquito lotion as nights can get really tough.

Brazil is also known for its craze for football. People everywhere from children to adults play football. A great way to make a bond with the locals is to have a football in your hand. Just politely throw the ball to anyone and it is almost guaranteed that they will return it with more power and more love.


Most Underrated Countries to Visit



Ireland is located on the continent of Europe. It is important to note that this beautiful country is an island. So you will encounter beautiful coasts with mountains and very lush green plains.

You can think of Ireland as a very cool and calm country. People are friendly and very welcoming. Although, it takes a great deal to understand the Irish accent. Irish dancing is a very popular form of dance in Ireland. You can think of it as harmonized tapping of feet on the ground. This dance is usually performed in groups.

Irish people are very fond of alcohol and consume huge quantities of it. You can find pubs and bars almost anywhere. You can easily bond with people after you show off your drinking skills to them. Just make sure that you are drinking responsibly.


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Pakistan is situated in South-East Asia. It consists of deserts, mountains, snow, rivers, and sea. You can tell how geographically diverse Pakistan is. Forests are also very abundant in Pakistan. From the simple villages of Punjab to the busy life of Islamabad, you can visit wherever you like, depending on your taste.

Pakistani people are very welcoming and polite, especially if you are a tourist, get ready to be welcomed by warm smiles and genuine hugs. People will offer you things for free just as a gesture of hospitality.

If you want to hike the mountain range of Karakorum then you should visit the northern side of Pakistan. This site is usually covered in snow. The food is also very hefty because of the climate. If you want to, you can climb K2 too, there is nothing stopping you from climbing the second-highest mountain in the world.

In the South most of the country is Karachi. You can experience the hustle and bustle of the big cities right here. If you go to a little east, you will end up in Baluchistan. Seaports like Gawadar, Bin Qasim are also very interesting to visit. One more amazing thing about Pakistan is that you can enjoy fishing there.  Read more on how to plan a fishing trip in 2020.


Most Underrated Countries to Visit



A country situated in the continent of Europe. The majority of the country’s area is covered in mountains. The land with lower altitudes is covered in lush grass. If you are dreaming of heaven and want to experience how it feels up there then Switzerland is the country to visit.

The landscape is so beautiful and so calming for the eyes. High mountains give a feeling of heaven’s gates. You can take a nice and calming trip to the lakes surrounded by high mountains. The trees in the distance give a feeling of serenity and extreme calmness.

If you are looking for some peace and calm then Switzerland is the place to go to. When you are slowly drifting on the lake with high mountains surrounding you, and the log cabins steaming in the distance, this experience will give a big boost to your mental health.


Most Underrated Countries to Visit



Located in East Asia, Japan is an island country. The mecca of technology, anime, and sushi. Is there any good introduction to Japan than this? Although Japan is a very busy country with lots of people, you should remember that 73 percent of Japan consists of forests.

You can visit national parks, interact with monkeys, visit ancient temples, and take a guided tour of the forests. Japan is very famous for its various kinds of seafood. You can eat many varieties of sushi. If you are interested in gaming, you can visit local shops to get introduced to many gaming technologies.

Most of the people that you will find will be very busy. Unless you take a guide with you, it is really hard for you to get around in Japan. Most of the people do not know English and can only understand the native language. Japanese are very careful about their culture and tradition. You will see cultural symbols in many homes.

If you are looking for something completely different and challenging then Japan is the way to go!


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If you are thinking of going somewhere whose people have so much history and culture engraved in them. Who love their foods and spices. Who are so diverse in your language, food, and way of living, then you should consider visiting India.

This country is literally booming with people. When there are so many people, they bring their own culture too. From tasting spicy butter chicken to tasting vegetarian dishes, India has it all. Good food, good clothes, and loving people is how you can describe India.

It shares a border with Pakistan. Both countries share a history together. You will get the same hospitality from Indians. You can visit the desert of Rajasthan, or have a fun trip to Goa. There is just so much to experience in India. If you are willing to experience so much variety then India is the country you should consider.


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We hope that these most underrated countries to visit will inspire your next vacation. We deliberately listed countries that are different in topology and geography. After looking at varying options, it is up to you to decide which countries you will want to visit.

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