Move-In Cleaning Checklist: The Right Way to Clean Your New House

Indeed, moving into a house is a super-exciting moment. However, the excitement quickly turns into dust when you think of all the work you’ll have to do to turn this empty shell-of-a-house into your home.

Yes, we’re talking about giving your new home a deep clean before actually moving into it.

While the house’s previous owners probably cleaned it up, there will undoubtedly be smut and dirt hiding in places that got missed. It is wise to put in extra effort, get all that dirt left by old residents out, and have a fresh start at everything. And with the house empty, there’s no better time than now to give your new home a deep clean. Sure, a move-in cleaning might not seem as important as the other parts of the moving process. But turning your new home spotless before you start to live in it can make a huge difference.

Many folks have no clue how to accomplish a thorough move-in cleanup, but don’t fret because we have you covered. Below, we will provide a detailed review of ways to make your new home invitingly clean with the help of our checklist.


Move-In Cleaning Checklist


Begin with the bathrooms

Restrooms are one of those areas that will likely demand a good clean before you move, but there’s a chance you might not know where to even begin. For starters, you should ensure that everything gets a thorough clean and nothing is left at a later date.

And while sparkling your new home and killing your joints by doing it all by yourself, ensure to check in with your moving company. In addition to providing moving resources, they might also help you clean your new home.

Now, getting back to the bathroom. We have put together a bathroom-cleaning checklist that should be enough to get the job done:

  • Start with the extractor fans as these usually contain a boatload of dust and can cause much mess
  • Apply a grout cleaner and let it sit for a while
  • Next, give your bathroom’s fixtures, doors, and walls a good cleaning by using an all-purpose cleaner
  • Clean the toilet and the base with a specialized cleaner
  • Scrub the bathroom well to ensure no amount of dirt is left
  • Vacuum before mopping to remove debris and dust

Purge the kitchen

Whether you are moving into a newly built home or an old one, purging this part of the house is crucial. Why? Because having a functional and sanitized kitchen is essential.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a newly constructed house or one that has been lived in before; purging the kitchen with detergents is crucial. After all, it is essential to have a fully functional and sanitized kitchen at the time of occupation. Below are the tricks professional cleaners use to sanitize a kitchen deeply:

  • Start with cleaning and dusting the cabinets, walls on top, and windows
  • Dispense baking soda followed by hot water and white vinegar in the sewer after cleaning the sink
  • Wipe the countertops and stove, all the while making your way to the lower cabinets
  • Clean then disinfect handles, doorknobs, switches, appliances, and other points of contact
  • Lastly, vacuum or sweep the floor

Clean lighting fixtures and fans

Overhead lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and shelving near the ceiling are prone to get grimy since people don’t clean them very often. Hence, it showers dirt and dust on the places just below them.

So, it would help if you began from the top of every other room and then work your way to the bottom.

  • To clean the dirt and dust on the fan blade, you can use an old pillowcase. You can easily collect the dust into the pillowcase rather than make its way to the floor
  • After that, use a cleaning wipe to remove all the dust from the fans
  • Now, you can move to other places

Move-In Cleaning Checklist


Wipe clean and then disinfect other areas of the house

Once the bathroom and kitchen are clean, other parts of the house will be effortless to clean and then disinfect. Let us walk you through some valuable tips on how to clean different areas of the house:

  • Clean any room from left to right and from top to bottom (circular movement) to avoid contaminating cleaned areas and save time
  • Wipe/dust all the surfaces with a microfiber cloth/duster
  • Vacuum frames, air vents, and other hard to reach areas
  • Disinfect high touch surfaces such as stair rails, faucets, switches, knobs, handles, etc
  • Pour the all-purpose cleaners in a spray bottle mixed with water and clean walls, furniture, countertops, and other parts

Finish with the floors

Finally, now you can move to the bottom. Starting from the top and ending at the bottom is the best way to perform a move-in cleanup.

So, conclude the cleaning process by washing your floors. Not every house has a similar foundation, so you will have to use the right way to mop or sweep the base according to its type.

Let’s explore how you can clean various floors like tile, linoleum, stone, carpeted, and wood.

  • Clean the carpet: For this, you will need to hire trained cleaners who can steam clean every bit of the carpeted area before you move in. You need to have your carpets thoroughly vacuumed, especially if the previous homeowners had pets.
  • Clean the wood floors: Begin by vacuuming the floors and get rid of all the debris inside. Don’t vacuum the entire space unless you are sure that you own a vacuum designed to clean wooden floors. The most convenient way to clean wooden floors is to use a mild soap, so use it to remove dirt and give it a shiny appearance.
  • Other types of floors: For other bases, such as linoleum, stone, and ceramic tile, mop and sweep the floor with a good leaner. That should do the trick.


While a move-in cleanup is a lot of work, the results will help you feel satisfied and content in your new space. And of course, this list doesn’t have it all because every house is different, but if there are some things that you’d want to throw away or fix, then definitely do so. Also, remember that this project is not for everyone, so you may want to seek help from a reputable cleaning service so that the experience of moving in becomes a breeze.


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