Moving House Checklist and More: How Can I Make Moving Easy?

Moving house is one of life’s most stressful events. This is because many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of packing, sorting, organizing, cleaning, and even looking after their kids all at the same time. Moreover, there are just so many questions to ask yourself during this time that make the move even more frustrating.

What will happen with your stuff? How long will the move take? Where do I start packing things up? What if I forget something important in my old place?

  Fortunately, there are various ways you can help make the moving process more manageable and stress-free! Here are the six most valuable tips and moving house checklist to help make the task easy:


6 Tips On How To Make Moving House Easy And Hassle-Free


Create A Moving House Checklist

A well-thought-out plan is crucial to the success of any house move. There are many ways in which a moving day can quickly turn disastrous, but planning out the move as early and efficiently as possible may help ensure that nothing goes wrong on the big day itself. 

To aid you throughout this process, one thing you can do is prepare a moving house checklist. It should outline the tasks you need to accomplish, thus helping you make sure that no task is forgotten or left undone. If you are going for a more comprehensive checklist, you may also include your moving schedule and the allotted budget for the entire house moving project. 

Such checklists are handy, especially when you are moving houses with someone who requires special care and attention. This includes pregnant women, the elderly, children, people with disabilities, or pets. After all, neglecting or forgetting about their needs may affect your overall moving experience. 

Some things you will want to include in your moving house checklist are:

  • Filing the necessary permits and paperwork for moving house. 
  • Making sure utilities are set up and running at the new house.  
  • Legally changing your address and informing everybody (banks, magazine subscriptions, medical care providers, etc.) of this change.
  • Packing your essentials (toiletries, phone chargers, a set of clothes, money, important documents) separately. 
  • Updating your pet’s microchip and collar information. Read more about updating your dog’s microchip information here.


Familiarise Yourself With Your New City Or Town

The adjustment or transition period after a house move can sometimes be the most challenging part of home relocation. However, knowing the correct information about the new area beforehand may just keep you from feeling lost in your decision. 

Aside from basic facts like how much things cost and what life there is like, you’ll want to find out about local facilities, events happening locally or upcoming that are of interest to you. This is where some research may come into play!


Moving out of any home is very challenging, especially when you’ve lived somewhere for a while. This is because, throughout your stay in this home, you’d have incurred a lot of junk and various unnecessary items. And trust us, having all those items would be a pain to pack up and haul to your new place! So, sort through your stuff and get rid of items that are:

  • Redundant
  • Obsolete
  • Damaged beyond repair
  • Not of any value or use to you

By doing this, you won’t have to dread packing or moving because decluttering will make that process so much easier for everyone involved! Not only will you be saving on time and space, but you’ll also be saving money that would’ve otherwise been spent on more packing materials and a larger moving vehicle.

Unsure about what to do with the items you’ve decided not to take with you to the new house? Consider selling them, donating them to people in need, or simply throwing them away.

Read more on the benefits of decluttering when you are moving house here

Hire Professional Services Where You Need Them 

Doing every moving-related errand by yourself will definitely be the better option if you’re only considering your expenses at face value. However, because you are opening yourself to many risks by doing so, it would be much more ideal for you to hire professionals to handle some of the moving tasks for you.

We’ve come up with a list of services that you may choose to hire rather than choosing to DIY. Moreover, we’ve also included some reasons as to why you should hire them instead.

Professional House Movers

To most people, professional movers are but an unnecessary expense. However, because of their experience and skill in safely and securely moving your belongings from one point to another, they are actually worth spending some money on. 

Hiring professional house movers also means you’ll be saving yourself the trouble of having to do any of the dirty work yourself. Moreover, this means you will be safe from any physical injury associated with moving house. 

Pest Control and Cleaning Services

Hiring professional cleaners before moving out of a home is usually necessary for your end-of-tenancy cleaning needs. However, it is just as vital for you to hire professional cleaning service providers for the new place you are moving into, especially when it has been previously occupied. After all, a nice and thorough cleaning ensures that there won’t be any bacteria or virus lingering in the corners of rooms, waiting to attack unsuspecting newbies!

Meanwhile, an exterminator would also be highly beneficial, especially when there is a risk for pest, roach, or rodent outbreaks in your area. 

Self Storage

Self-storage units are extremely helpful when you are looking to make moving house easy. Here are a few ways you may find a self-storage unit useful for any house move:

  • If you are selling your old house, it is a good idea to start storing some of the belongings in storage units before the actual move. This will make staging easier when potential buyers come into view as there will be less clutter and more space available!
  • You will not be pressured into moving in right away. That means if you are waiting for the keys or the completion of last-minute renovations to your new place, you can temporarily store everything with a storage company.
  • Adjusting to your new home can be a bit difficult if you’ve got filled boxes scattered around the house. Storing your packed boxes in a place where they won’t be getting in the way (e.g., a self-storage unit) will make it much easier for you to move around and go about daily activities comfortably while you still have some unpacking left to do. 

Relax And Take It Easy

Moving house is already a very stressful endeavor. Do not stress yourself even more by being too hard on yourself! Your move may be imperfect, but that doesn’t mean you should let a couple of moving mishaps lead your day to fall apart. So, stay positive and trust that everything is going to be okay! Are you all set to move houses? If so, here are some Essentials To Check Before Moving In.

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