Moving Nightmares: 7 Mistakes That Can Prolong Your Moving Process

Moving houses, cities, or even countries can be highly exciting yet nerve-wracking. The stress and anxiety often overtake the thrill and joy of the entire moving process. And it becomes even worse when you are unaware of all the moving mistakes you need to avoid.

To make your moving process more rousing and less daunting, we’ve outlined a few moving mistakes you should avoid at all costs.


Not renting out a storage unit

You usually do not need a storage unit if you are moving within proximity. However, it is crucial for long-distance relocations. Storage units provide you with an excessively secure space to store all your valuables while fulfilling your other moving chores. They help declutter your home by keeping your belongings conveniently out of the way.

Some storage units also come with a climate control feature that ensures the safety of your items from indoor and outdoor elements. You can safely store valuables like prized artwork, furniture, essential documents, and electronics in climate-controlled units. Moreover, self-storage units also include extra amenities like 24-hour DVR surveillance, an alarm system, flexible leasing options, and free moving trucks. Self-storage units indeed act as excellent stress relievers during your relocating days.

Self-storage units are available in almost every city with differing and distinct features. If you live in Fort Worth, Texas, or nearby, you should check out self storage units in double eagle for exceptional services at reasonable prices.


Moving Nightmares: 7 Mistakes That Can Prolong Your Moving Process


Last-minute packing

The biggest blunder you can make during relocation is to leave your packing for the eleventh hour. It’s often tempting to leave chores for the following day since most people believe packing is not very time-consuming. However, in reality, packing can be one of the most stressful and challenging tasks in your entire moving process.

It would help if you remembered that packing doesn’t refer to thoughtlessly and rashly shoving all your belongings in a suitcase. Instead, packing is much more complex. It would help if you decided what to take with you and what to throw away.

Out of the things you choose to take with you to your new place, you need to figure out how to categorize your items and what to keep in storage. Disposing of belongings is also not an easy job. Many people possess several useless things but cannot get themselves to throw them away because of their sentiments. However, you need to understand that it’s time to let go.

Not researching about the moving company

There are several thousands of businesses offering moving services, but not all are equal. It is essential to research which moving company to hire to shift your belongings. You wouldn’t want to trust someone entirely alien to you with your precious valuables. So, do thorough research, read reviews, and ask around for reliable companies. And never pick the first company on your list.

Some things you should look out for while doing your research include the moving company’s track record, their license and insurance, and transparent rates. Check for a USDOT number and beware of rogue movers.

Not getting the proper insurance

You might consider insurance as a waste of time, money, and energy. But that is entirely untrue. Insurance, if anything, is highly crucial, especially while moving. Accidents can occur anytime, and you might end up losing some highly-priced items. Insurance, however, can help recover the cost and prevent you from bearing the loss. Hence, it is always best to have a plan in place.

Insurance is of several different kinds. It would be helpful to hire a professional lawyer who can guide you about the best possible insurance package as per your location and budget.

Not getting all your documents ready

While the legal process for in-country moving might not be too complicated, the international relocation documentation process can become daunting. And it becomes worse when you don’t finalize all your legal paperwork in time.

Each country has different rules and regulations, so you need to compile all your documents accordingly. You need to check for a couple of things, including border control, visa requirements, or the requirement of additional certificates. If you are moving your business, you will also have to check for governmental requirements. Similarly, if you plan on taking your pet along, you need to check for permits.

It is a tedious process requiring thorough concentration. Leaving your documentation for the last minute is not a good idea. The earlier you get done with it, the more at ease you’ll feel.


Moving Nightmares: 7 Mistakes That Can Prolong Your Moving Process


Not packing an essentials bag

An essentials bag or a survival kit is necessary when moving. It includes all your hand luggage, i.e., everything you will need during your travels until you thoroughly move into your new place. These are usually the items you can’t afford to lose.

You should choose a designated bag and fill it with necessities like toiletry, undergarments, wallet, keys, chargers, etc. The size of your survival kit will depend on the extent of your move. Usually, essential bags are not too big and only as heavy as you’d be able to carry daily. Ensure not to overpack your essentials bag. Remember, the point is to pack only those items you’d need during emergencies.

Disorganized packing

There couldn’t be a more chaotic site than items stacked on top of each other in no proper order. Disorganized packing is yet another moving mistake several people make. Some common disorganizing packing mishaps people make include not acquiring good moving boxes. You will need several boxes/containers in different shapes and sizes. Few and small packages will not be sufficient.

Another mishap includes the failure to label boxes. Labeling boxes helps during unpacking and prevents damage to fragile items. Some people also ignore the list of non-allowable by the moving companies and waste a lot of time repacking things.



Moving doesn’t necessarily have to be this gruesome if you are cautious about your plan. But having a strategy in place is essential. You need to thoroughly and considerably pre-plan your entire moving plan before commencing the process. Jumping to execution will only create chaos and unnecessary stress.

Ensure to avoid all the blunders mentioned above during your shifting journey, and you’ll be good to go.

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