Navigating the World of Interior Design: 3 Unique Styles to Consider

The world of interior design is teeming with a variety of wonderful styles to choose from. And often, new homeowners wanting to customize their interiors find themselves indecisive simply because of all the choices available. But at the end of the day, what you choose should represent who you are and your personal sense of style.

Studies have shown that most Americans spend between $1,500 and $12,000 on average on interior design projects. And this amount often doesn’t even include the price for furniture in most cases. All in all, it’s estimated that Americans spend around $5,000 per project, and up to $30,000 for complete interior remodels including furniture.

But interior design is all about personal style, taste, and your sense of comfort. And if you’re a new homeowner, or if you’re simply wanting to change up your current style, the following will present a few popular options to consider.


Custom-Built Rustic Furniture

If you’re really interested in turning your home into your own, unique space, having your furniture custom-built is the preferred way to go. And this also frees up your range of options in many ways.

For example, say you’re really into rustic designs, or you like that feel of nostalgia. Or perhaps you love the Amish craftsmanship that stands the test of time. No matter your preference, you can have custom-built furniture made in any of these styles.

Custom-built furniture is typically made by hand without using any pressboard or prefabricated materials. In fact, all of the design work incorporated often comes directly from the hands of only a few skilled craftsmen. And this type of furniture will also last much longer and withstand greater degrees of wear and tear than that of cheaper, modern furniture.


apperson cushioned back arm chair World of Interior Design
Image source: Coaster Furniture

Industrial-Style Spaces

If you love the feel of a New York Style flat, or the downtown apartment loft-style setting that showcases brick, metal, and bare walls, the industrial-style might just be for you.

Industrial styles are usually found in living rooms, but you can also customize your interiors for each room in your home using different styles if you like to mix it up a bit.

The beauty of industrial-style interiors is that they often focus on the “less is more” philosophy, resulting in a minimalist vibe in most settings. And perhaps this is the exact attribute that you’re looking to achieve. After all, minimalism is among the more popular design styles in circulation as of 2022.

With an industrial style, you can incorporate exposed brick, flat wallpaper, Edison bulbs, and exposed pipes to truly give your space the feel of a downtown urban loft.


wood and concrete industrial country living room World of Interior Design


The Bohemian Approach

The Bohemian style, or Boho, refers to the free-spirited aesthetic that offers a mix of cultural and artistic expressions within a space. Synonymous with the travelers and Gypsy refugees of central Europe, particularly that of Bohemia or Moravia, this style transcends boundaries and lends itself to greater creative flair.

If you want to decorate your space to offer you more creative energy for writing, art, or other pursuits within the fine arts, the Bohemian approach will be perfectly suited for anyone with a penchant for creative impulses.

Some Boho design elements often include warm, earthy colors, gemstones, and mix-matching of layers and patterns that sometimes make no sense at all. But this is the beauty of a Bohemian lifestyle. Because at its start, these lifestyles defied convention and went against societal norms.

If you’re looking to truly set your space apart and make it intriguing, the Bohemian approach will offer many solutions.


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Every homeowner wants to customize his or her own space and make it unique. But no matter which design you choose, ensure that it speaks to your own personality and style. This will offer you the greatest sense of comfort and truly bring a personal touch to your space.

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