Need a New Roof? How to Talk to a Roofing Company

Every roof needs to be replaced eventually, but some last longer than others. Asphalt shingle roofs need to be checked regularly for wear after 15to 20 years. Metal roofing can go many years longer before showing signs of wear. Keeping roofs maintained and in good repair helps them last years longer. Finding a good roofing company to maintain an existing roof is a good way to prepare for the day when a new roof is needed.


Do You Need a New Roof?

When does a homeowner know they need a new roof? Don’t wait until the roof starts leaking and damaging the interior of a house. Once a roof is leaking water into the interior rooms of a house, a lot of damage has already been done to the ceilings and walls. But, finding out the roof is worn out before it starts leaking can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in interior repairs.

Once a homeowner decides to replace the roof, it is important to choose the roofing contractor carefully to get the best result. To start, the homeowner should ask the roofing repair company like for a report on the overall condition of their roof and ask them to explain when it will need to be replaced.

If the homeowner trusts their roofing repair company to furnish a new roof, part of the decision-making is done. But, it is never a bad idea to get several local roofing companies to provide bids for similar roofing materials and compare them. A company such as RoofTec in Arvada, CO. might be the right choice for both roof maintenance and replacement.


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Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor

To start with, get several bids from well-respected, licensed, and insured local roofing contractors. Local companies know which roofing materials work best in these weather conditions. If there is a problem, they are close by to take care of them. The roofers need a good reputation locally, so will be more likely to have better customer service. To narrow down the selection of roofing companies, ask the following questions.

  • How do they train their roofing crews, and have the crews been trained by roofing manufacturers? Will their crew install the roof or do they subcontract work out?
  • Are there customer references available? Are there completed roofing jobs to look at? Do they offer warranties?
  • When can they do the roofing job and how long will it take?
  • What steps do they take to ensure the safety of their workers and the safety of the house and its occupants?


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What to Ask The Chosen Contractor

Once the roofing contractor has been chosen, there are more questions to ask before the job starts. This information should be in writing.

  • Ask for a binding estimate and contract for the roofing job. Make sure this contract covers all materials, labor, and fees.
  • Ask for a full statement of all work to be completed and materials to be furnished with prices for materials and labor spelled out.
  • There should be a detailed list of payment methods and due dates.
  • A complete work schedule and estimated completion date for the job.
  • A warranty or guarantee with complete terms spelled out.
  • How will they access the roof, remove old materials, and protect other home features such as gutters, siding, and driveway? How will roof protrusions be handled?
  • How will the company react to impending bad weather during the job? Will the company limit open roof days?

When a homeowner asks the right questions and insists on answers, the roofing contractor can be expected to do a better job.

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