Normal or Paranormal? What You Need to Know About HVAC Noises

While the past year has seen a rise in reports of house hauntings, that strange sound coming from your HVAC probably isn’t your very own Casper.

While a paranormal encounter sounds a little more exciting, HVAC noises tend to indicate that you’re in need of HVAC repairs.

What, exactly, do those HVAC noises mean? What should you do when you start to notice an increase in HVAC noises? Is there a quick way to quiet an HVAC noise?

Keep reading to learn more about those odd sounds coming from your HVAC–and if it is a ghost, after all, then you know who to call. (Hint: it’s not your local HVAC repairman!).


Why Is Your HVAC Screeching?

That screeching sound isn’t a pleasant one and it will certainly make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. However, it tends to indicate you’ve got a bad fan belt in the blower that needs replacement. It can also mean that the motor requires more lubricant.

What Is That Popping Sound?

If you’re hearing a strange popping sound that’s coming from your ducts, it’s possible that you’re experiencing a normal phenomenon. After months without turning on the heat, your air ducts can shift and expand under the pressure of hot air–and the popping will stop soon.

If the popping is coming from a different element of your HVAC system, you may have some loose or broken pieces that need replacing.


Normal or Paranormal? What You Need to Know About HVAC Noises


Why Is the HVAC Rattling?

Do you hear a loud rattling every time the HVAC kicks on? If so, it’s possible that the furnace’s blower or motor needs a check-up. It’s also possible that you’re in need of a simple filter replacement and you can check out this article to find out more about HVAC filters.

If the rattling becomes intense, it’s time to turn the system off until you can have it looked at. The last thing you want is to have a potential over-heated system sparking or starting a fire.

How Can You Stop All These Not-So-Ghostly HVAC Noises?

Now is the age of DIY home repairs. Whatever problem your HVAC is having, there’s probably a tutorial on YouTube showing you how to fix it. Does that mean you should do it yourself?

No! HVAC systems are complex and trying to understand them and repair them without experience is a lot like trying to catch a ghost without knowing how. In other words, it’s not going to go well and you should always call in the experts to address issues with your heating and cooling systems.

Is It a Ghost or Do You Need HVAC Repairs Stat?

As we make our way through spooky season, it’s easy to feel like your house is infested with the paranormal. The truth is, if you’re hearing HVAC noises, it’s not a ghost! HVAC noises indicate the need for repairs, so don’t write them off as a pesky ghost.

Is your home so outdated that it looks like it’s occupied by ghosts? We’re here to help you make some serious updates. Take a look around to find out how to make your home modern and chic.

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