Outdoor Lighting Tips: How to Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

A good lighting system does more than just help you see things clearly!

Whether you’re renovating an older house, creating a new one, or simply seeking to brighten the room up, when installed appropriately, lighting can help ensure that your property is well-lit, appealing, and most importantly, safe!

The truth is that developing a lighting system is a lot more difficult than just stating, “I want my home to be bright.”

It, like many other electrical undertakings, takes extensive preparation to guarantee that the end product is:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe
  • Appealing to the eye
  • Achieves the lighting requirements

Outdoor lighting installation not only presents unique obstacles in terms of electrical safety and installation but it also necessitates additional considerations. Before starting on any electrical work ensure your electricians insurance policy is protecting you and competitive on price.

There’s a lot that goes into outdoor lighting installation design, so let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known elements that you should take into account.


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Seven Top Tips for Getting Your Outdoor Lighting Right

  • Be controlled

First and foremost, don’t overdo it.

Sure, you want the space to be bright – but you also don’t want to go crazy.

Going too far with your outside lighting not only wastes energy but it also raises the expense of your project.

What’s more, if your lighting is over the top, it may detract from the ambience and mood of your garden!

Obviously, this is a matter of personal choice, but given the percentage of homeowners who go too far, it’s something to keep in mind.

  • Consider the wiring

You should consider how much wire you’ll need to sustain all of the lights before purchasing any.

While most people use solar-powered lights for their outdoor lighting, not everyone does. In fact, many people prefer hard-wired lights since they can regulate the brightness from inside.

Of course, this necessitates the installation of cables in your garden and their subsequent routing to your outdoor lighting.

And that, in turn, brings up a slew of additional concerns, including the fact that you can’t do it yourself and must instead enlist the help of a qualified electrician.

  • Use LED lights instead of incandescent lighting

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular in houses, including for outdoor use.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are far brighter, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. These characteristics make them an excellent alternative for outdoor lighting!

It’s worth noting that LED lights are available in a far larger range of forms and sizes, allowing you to customize your lighting for your garden and outdoor spaces.


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  • Start with pathways and walkways

Dark gardens almost invite stumbles and falls, which is why outdoor lighting is so critical.

Starting with the regions around walkways is a good place to start when designing outdoor lighting systems. By focusing here, you can brighten the path ahead and lower the risk of accidents while you’re out late at night.

Of course, it isn’t the only option to make your yard more secure at night…

  • Consider safety lights

Outdoor lighting may keep you safe in more ways than just marking routes; a well-lit garden can also keep ne’er-do-wells away. Sensor-activated exterior lighting guarantees that the approaches to your property are well-lit and that you and your neighbors can see anybody attempting to enter your home without permission.

It can help defend your home and deter anybody who might try to break in unnoticed. This approach can be particularly effective when combined with CCTV installation.

  • Take a look at your lighting from the inside

From the exterior, your lighting setup may seem fantastic, but can you say the same for the inside?

Many of us are light-sensitive, and even a small amount of ambient light can interfere with our ability to sleep.

Maybe you have a home theatre room with outside illumination that’s impacting your movie-watching experience.

These are only two examples of how outdoor illumination has an impact on inside comfort.

Because of all these factors, you should consider how your outdoor lighting system will seem from the inside. Doing so might help you avoid a serious headache down the road!

  • Consider the various types of illumination that are available

There are many different kinds of illumination and lighting available. You’ll want to consider which types of lights to incorporate when constructing your outdoor lighting arrangement.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are four primary light kinds to consider:

  • Lights for accent lighting and ambiance
  • Navigational lighting
  • Task lighting

It’s critical to consider each of these distinct forms of illumination when planning your outdoor lighting system, as well as the ones your outdoor areas and garden require.

If you’re socializing outside, for example, you may need more ambient lighting, but folks with extensive gardens may want more navigational lighting to illuminate the route.

  • Get the assistance of a licensed electrician

Certain forms of outdoor lighting are simple to install, requiring only the digging of a tiny hole, the installation of a solar-powered light, and then calling it a day.

But what about alternative outdoor lighting options?

Garage lights, patio lights, and gazebo lighting require not only more powerful bulbs but also a safe electrical connection, which can only be set up by a skilled electrician.

Qualified electricians can assist you to plan your lighting arrangements in addition to performing elements of the installation that you aren’t prepared to handle yourself.

An electrician can also help make sure your outside wiring is secure and that your outdoor spaces are well-lit.


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