Packing For A First Time Stay At A Vacation Rental? Here’s What To Carry With You

Touted as a home away from home, vacation rentals are ideal for those who can’t fathom the idea of living in a compact hotel room for long. Laden with abundant amenities and facilities, vacation rental houses and apartments provide a perfect temporary dwelling to the guests.

Although equipped with everything a person needs to have a comfortable stay for weeks, if you intend to stay for a stretch of months at a vacation rental, you might want to bring some stuff to personalize your stay and make yourself more comfortable. 

Here is what you should carry to a vacation rental property to literally make it your second home. Take a look. 


Packing For A First Time Stay At A Vacation Rental? Here’s What To Carry With You


A comfortable pillow 

While you are on a vacation, having a good night’s sleep is essential. But if your pillow keeps you tossing in the bed, your vacation is doomed. 

Although good vacation rental hosts offer comfortable pillows to their guests, they might be too hard or too soft for your personal preference. Hence, it is always better to carry your own pillow when you travel. 


Again, you will surely get neat and clean towels at your vacation rental property. But if you are staying near a beach, you would want to use ultra-absorbent towels for sand and the sea. If this is the case, carrying your towels makes sense. 

Child safety gate 

If you are traveling with your kid in tow, you better select child-friendly properties. If your vacation rental property is not specially curated for kids, you might want to baby-proof it. In the latter case, carrying a child safety gate is essential. 

Apart from a child safety gate, carry a childproofing kit containing removable outlet covers, corner protectors, and cabinet locks. 

Spice kit 

Most vacation rental properties keep their kitchen and pantry stocked with everything you need to cook a meal for yourself. However, if you have some specific favorite flavors that go in every meal you cook, make sure you carry them along with you. 

Pick up a multi-spice bag or get it customized to your taste buds. 


From large vacation houses in Alexandria VA to cozy rental apartments in Minneapolis MN, the hosts always make sure that their guests stay as comfortable as possible and hence, proffer everything they might need during their stay. It is uncommon to find a vacation rental property without a washing machine and dryer. 

Even if your vacation rental is already equipped with a dryer, bringing a clothesline would be a great idea. You might need to hang out your hand-washed clothes, bathing suits, or towels. A clothesline will come in handy in these situations. 

Sticky hooks 

Not every rental property has strategically placed hooks for hanging your robe, coat, or any other piece of clothing. While it is not possible to drill holes in the wall and hang hooks as per your convenience in a vacation rental, you can always use sticky hooks for the purpose. 

If you do not have a hook where you want, you can stick a temporary hook there. 


A corkscrew is one of the most used accessories, especially when you are in a chill mode during a vacation. You might not find a corkscrew in the kitchen of your vacation rental. Hence, make it a point to carry one with you. 


Packing For A First Time Stay At A Vacation Rental? Here’s What To Carry With You


The bottom line 

Now that you know what all you would need at your vacation rental property, make sure you pack all these things when you pack your bags for your extended stay to further make it happy and comfortable. 

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