Passport Scanners – Security Measure to Prevent Criminal Activities

The modern digital world has everything a person needs for surviving to the fullest. Advanced technology is making it convenient for businesses to operate efficiently, and individuals are enjoying smartphones and the internet. What measures do airport operators take to prevent criminal activities?

While everybody has a productive side of technology to enjoy, fraudsters are implementing their evil plans with the help of technology. Banks, insurance companies, fintech organizations, and all other sectors are facing a wide range of problems due to fraudsters.

Have you ever wondered about the airports that have encountered criminals every day, but can’t identify them on time? The inefficiency of verification processes is making it a challenge for airports to prevent fraudsters from flying away after they have completed their illegal activities in the country.

How to fight them right on time? Scanning passports is one way of doing so, but how to perform passport checks when there are thousands of passengers every day?

There are a lot of questions for verifying passengers and the blog cover everything that you should know. Keep reading to find out.


ml Prevent Criminal Activities


Why Should Airports Perform Identity Verification Checks?

Verifying everyone at the airport is a challenge yet it is essential. Authenticating everyone means fraudsters can be prevented from making any trouble. It will be easier for regulatory authorities to combat fraudsters. Moreover, timely recognition of any criminal activity can significantly reduce the rate of illegal activities within the country.

Money laundering and terrorist financing are two of the rising threats to all the economies of the world. Launderers are also using third-parties for transferring their illegally earned money and concealing its origin. Financial institutions are taking all necessary measures to combat these crimes but how is it possible to fulfill legal requirements if the criminals vanish into thin air?

This where document verification steps in. Airports have to add better identity verification measures to combat crimes before they can get away with the hassles they have created for the country.

Passports can easily be created with stolen identities and synthetic identities. Identifying the forgery is what matters the most. Therefore, airport security must add passport scanners for the staff that can identify fake passports in no time.

Fake travel agency scams are also on the rise. People are targeted during ticket booking and these fake travel agencies also work for criminals to generate fake passports and tickets. All in all, airports have to verify documents, especially passports of all the passengers to avoid any trouble.

Prevent Criminal Activities

How Does Verification at the Airports Work?

It is a difficult job to verify so many travellers every day and that too with biometric verification. Biometric not only means fingerprint scanning, but it also refers to verifying face, palm, and voice recognition are also biometric authentication methods. Airport security checks can enable biometric authentication for the passengers and verify not only their fingerprints but their faces with the image on the passport.

Considering the inefficacy of this process, facial recognition kiosks are another method. Passengers will verify their passports to get the boarding pass. How will it work? Passengers have to show their passport to the kiosk and the facial verification software will match the face with the image on the passport.

If there’s an issue, the verification will decline. This will assist the authorities to detect spoof attacks and prevent launderers or other criminals from escaping.


Prevent Criminal Activities


Benefits of Verifying Passengers

Verification not only means you are simply authenticating people at the airport. It has other benefits as well. Identity verification can reduce the chances of scams in travel agencies. Furthermore, fake travel agencies can reduce in number. The fraudsters will know that passport verification can trace their origin.

The travel industry can prevent criminals from causing any trouble in other countries. The inefficacy of the travel industry to verify identities is significantly contributing to fake identity fraud and spoof attacks.

Key Takeaways

The travel industry has been facing numerous scams and the main reason is the lack of verification services at the airport. Passengers must be verified and a facial recognition kiosk is one of the best solutions. The staff does not have to spend hours on verification but passengers will show their passports for scanning to the kiosk.

The image on the passport will be cross-checked with the face and the boarding pass will be issued then. Verification will ensure fraud is prevented in the travel agency and criminals can be prevented from escaping.


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