How to Find the Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are often mentioned in home improvement shows and magazines and maybe you have been asking yourself what exactly they are. Perfect fit blinds can be easily described as the innovative window blind for aluminum and uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories. The perfect Fit blind is so elegant and when fixed properly, they form part of your window frames.

When fitting the perfect Fit blind, you do not need to drill as it clipped on the window directly. The frame is added immediately after the clips fall into place. The frames come in different colors thus enabling you to choose that which will perfectly suit your window giving it a part of the window’s appearance.

The most amazing thing about fitting a blind is that it is very easy and does not require any expertise knowledge. This aspect saves you from incurring further costs of hiring someone to do it.


Steps of measuring a Perfect Fit blind

  1. First, make sure there is a 25mm allowance from the rubber beading to any obstacles to ensure there is enough space for the Perfect Fit.
  2. Take the correct measurements of the width and length of your window or door excluding the rubber beading. For more accurate results, take measurements in both corners and the middle and apply the smallest size.
  3. Take measurements of the depth of the window too. You can do that by using your debit or credit card and placing it on one corner of the window then measuring the card in the space occupied by the corner of the window.

Styles for Perfect Fit blind

To meet the preferences and differences in human beings, Perfect Fit blinds come in different styles. This aspect makes it easier for people of all personalities to find a perfect Fit blind for their rooms. The different styles of Fit blinds add a peculiar touch to a room and different amounts of light and privacy as needed. Here are some types of styles.

 Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are mostly used to enhance the security of a home. They also prevent you and your home from being seen by by-passers. They also serve greatly in allowing light inside the room.

The perfect Fit Venetian is both efficient and elegant and thus preferred by most people for either homes or patio rooms. These blinds are very flexible and that means the doors or windows still move freely even with the blinds.

Venetians have a tilt-slat functionality that makes them the most preferred due to their adaptability. This also makes them the perfect fit for high-light rooms. Venetians also come in two types: the wooden and the aluminum Venetian.

Although wooden Venetians are widely known and chosen by people, they are more likely to swell or warp over time due to humidity specially if they are used in conservatories. In that case, the aluminum Venetian is ideal as it is resistant to moisture while still offering the same benefits.

 Perfect Fit Roller Blind

Perfect Fit roller blinders give your room a bold statement. They come in different colors to help you set the mood and feel in your home. They roll up and down your windows to the level you like. They are well fitted to the window frame to control the amount of light entering the room.

The Perfect Fit roller blinds are very versatile; they come in different sizes and fabrics. They don’t require you to be a professional to use or install as they are very user-friendly. The most amazing character of these blinds is how sleek and stylish they are, and you don’t even need to drill during installation.


How Can I Fit Perfect Fit Blinds?

You don’t need to be a DIY enthusiast to fit perfect fit blinds. They are very easy to install and take the shortest time possible. With some oil, your credit card, and a pencil you are set to do the magic.

First, insert the bling and frame together. Secondly, fit the brackets by placing your credit card on the windowpane in one corner, and set it to portrait-style while touching the glass fully.  Put the bracket above making sure it is touching the credit card. Then use a bit of oil to slide in the bracket. Repeat this process until the blind fit on all sides.

The final stage is where you lift the frame and place it against the window. Push hard at each point of the bracket until you hear each bracket clicking into place.


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