Perfect Pair: Finding The Right Glasses To Match Your Style

Looking for the right glasses to match your style? Eyewear plays an integral part in a person’s identity. They can help a person appear sophisticated, youthful, style-conscious or even fun-loving. If the person only owns one pair of glasses, it is no surprise then that they will take extra time searching to find the perfect pair.

When searching for a new pair of glasses, it can be more challenging than how it may sound. Glasses in a photo or on a display shelf can look amazing. However, when trying them on, you may think differently about them.

The power eyewear can have in how people perceive you or how they can create the image you want is extraordinary. The key to unlocking this power is by finding the right pair of glasses that are a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect pair, there a few factors to consider in your search.


Right Glasses To Match Your Style


Take Your Search Online

There is no rule to say you must purchase your glasses in-store. Consider taking your search for the perfect pair online. You will find businesses such as International Eyewear, a glasses frames manufacturer that offer an endless selection of frames. These types of businesses offer a diverse range of styles and colors, so the chances of finding a pair of glasses you love are high.

In addition to this, taking your search for the perfect pair online allows you to compare the prices of various providers. This will help you to find not only the right glasses but ones at the perfect price.

Know Your Style

When looking for glasses, eyewear styling experts suggest that you need to take into consideration the various aspects of your life. For instance, what it is you do for a living, the hobbies you enjoy, and the activities you partake in during your spare time. These factors can help you in finding a style or color that suits you and best reflects you as a person.

If you are more of a creative, fashion-forward person, you may lean towards modern and classic glasses shapes, in a thicker and larger plastic frame. Whereas those who work in industries such as law or politics may lean towards a conservative frame shape, like ovals, rectangles, or almond

Factor In Your Face Shape

The shape of your face can play a key factor in determining which glasses will suit you the best. When trying on various pairs, you will notice that some glasses suit you better than others, this is due to the portioning of your face. There is a simple formula to finding the right frame shape for your face, which is to wear the opposite frame to the shape of your face.

In most cases, to balance the shape of your face, you should choose the opposite style for the frames. For example, if your face shape is more squared, round glasses will be more flattering, whilst those with a rounder face will benefit more from frames with more angles.

However, the exception to this formula is those with heart-shaped faces, as they should mimic their face shape with their frames.


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