Perfect Wooden Door Design To Use For Your Home

Doors are very important in any home as they complete the aspect of security and privacy. They are also a decor statement. A wooden door design especially brings about great aesthetics and amplifies your home’s decor.


Wooden Main Door Design

When guests arrive at your home, the first impression they get is your front door which most of the time is the front door of your home.  The main door gives your home character and style. The main door should be built to match the architectural design of the whole house.

There are a few things to note when settling for a wooden main door:

  • The door should have an entrance porch or awning to protect it from the elements.
  • A coat of melamine should be added to a wooden door to help it withstand different weather conditions
  • For the door, ensure that the wood used is of good quality for its durability.


Types of Wooden Door Designs

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  • Contemporary Teak Wood Door

This is a modern door that comes with a  vertical glass insert. It allows you to see outside so you can see who is visiting you before you can open the door.

  • Three-sided Glass Panelled Wooden Door Design

This type of wooden door is surrounded by glass panels on its three sides. the glasses give it an elegant look and make a stylish statement when you first see them.

  • Teak Wood Rectangular Panel Doors with Mirror

Rectangular Panels in polish teak wood give a door a live-edge appearance. The rustic appearance gives your home a country home touch whilst the glass panel adds to its functionality.

  • Rosewood Door

The fine rosewood door has a cornice detail and white panels that give it an elegant appearance.


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  • Ornamental Wrought Iron Door Design

The ornamental wrought iron door design gives the paneling in the mahogany main door a perfect appearance and blends with the house’s walls.

  • Minimalist White Wooden Door

This main door has a molded panel detail that is both neat and simple. The door has an elegant white color. It has a white side window that allows you to see the visitors before you open the door.

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Interior Doors To Enhance Your Decor and Style

Interior doors allow privacy for different rooms. They also regulate the sound from one room to the next. While designing your interior doors, you should pay attention to the interior design of your house. Wooden doors are timeless and their finish blends well with the interior of any home regardless of the colors you are using. It is important to note that:

  • You can use interior-grade wood for your interior doors as they are not exposed to any weather conditions.
  • For rooms that require privacy such as bedrooms and bathrooms, your interior doors should not have glass panels.
  • If you prefer glass panels to improve the appearance of the door, make sure the glass is either opaque or translucent.


Types of Interior Doors

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  • Functional and Aesthetic Balcony Doors

Balcony doors give a seamless transition from the inside of your home to the outside. using large glass french windows gives you a great view. However, if you need a bit of privacy, you could use frosted or opaque glass that will allow light in your room without compromising on privacy.

Sliding doors are great to use on the balcony. This is because they connect the outside of your home to its interior. If you do not necessarily need privacy, you could keep off the drapes and enjoy nature when you are still indoors.

  • Wooden Doors With a Glass

Glass gives a door a modern touch and style. Furthermore, doors with glass look lighter visually as compared to doors without glass. If they are placed strategically, they allow sunlight to the house during the day. the natural lighting adds freshness and cheers to the home.

When using glass on the main door, you should toughen it to avoid breakages. For large panes, use a glass that is at least 6mm thick while 4mm thick is okay for smaller panes. For classical styles of doors and windows, consider using beveled glass.

Using stained glass panels gives your door an exquisite ornamentation style. The pattern of the design continues to the windows and ventilators.

  • Wooden Double Doors

Double doors are known for their elegance. They give your space a bold statement. Double doors are most ideal in houses with high ceilings. This is because the design proportion of the ceiling height collaborates with the width of the door. In case you would prefer to use only one side of the double door while the other part remains shut, make the width of the door at least 6 feet.

  • Sleek and Functional Sliding Wooden Doors

Sliding doors are mostly used in open-plan houses. They are usually functional when privacy is needed. There are different types of sliding doors. There are sliding doors that disappear completely into the wall on either side. However, we have some that are sliding cum folding doors that get stuck up on either side of the opening. Sliding doors have either single-track or double-track fittings.

  • Glass Panelled Doors

Glass Panels wooden door slides on either side. It has glass above it that magnifies the interior view.


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Advantages of Wooden Door Design For Home

1. Beautiful

The main door needs to stand out and wood makes that happen. Wooden door designs are both elegant and classy. Wood can bring out so many designs thus crowning your home with style.

2. Durability

Dues to the exposure to different weather conditions, the main door needs to be made of a material that can withstand that. Wood can serve you for a very long time if properly maintained.

3. Aesthetics Versatility

Wooden doors have general aesthetics. Additionally, they can be painted in any color of your choice. They can be sculpted, cut, and styled to your preference aesthetically.

4. Insulative

Wooden doors prevent cold or heat to enter your house. They are very insulative and as long as you maintain them, they will save you from large electricity bills incurred by air conditioners.


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