Planning a Successful Stag Party

When planning a stag party, or stag do, as more commonly known, it is important to keep several things in mind. If you do not plan the event well, the whole event will turn out to be a mess and may not even take place at all. To avoid this, consider smart options including planning ahead for each and every aspect.

These will help you make the day a memorable one and also ensure that everyone has a good time. Here are some tips to get started. If you are a first-time stag do planner, start by checking out these helpful hints.


Planning a Successful Stag Party


Set up a Stag Party Fund in Advance

Set up a fund for the stag do so that everyone can contribute to the cost of the weekend or event. Appoint a trustworthy person to do this task so that they can take responsibility specifically for this area of the planning. This will save you the thankless task of chasing down the people who haven’t paid their dues.

It’s worth considering this well in advance of the event so that people can budget around their other outgoings and responsibilities, lessening the chance of people bailing from at the last minute, leaving anyone who has booked or paid in advance out of pocket.


Planning a Successful Stag Party


Choose your Location and Theme

Stag parties can take place locally, but many people now choose to go abroad and have a three or four-day shindig. You should have an idea of what activities to plan and what kind of accommodation would be good for the group. While many hotels actively discourage party groups, as they can be disruptive to other hotel guests, there are specialist hotels that cater specifically to large groups, including hen or stag parties.

Finding the right hotel for groups can make or break your party weekend. While many hotels will allow larger group bookings, you may find on arrival that loud celebrations or party antics are not appreciated by the hotel or other guests.

Destinations including Benidorm in Spain are always popular for stag dos, and there’s a good chance many of the hotels here welcome large bookings for stag parties. However, always check in advance, and read up on guest reviews, also noting how close to bars the hotel is situated.

You should also think about the interests of the groom and his group, to identify whether the stag party should be quite a simple event, or an all-out theme stag do, with requirements for dress codes; fancy dress for example.


Planning a Successful Stag Party


Identify your Guests

Ask the groom to provide you with a list of all the people who should be invited. If you have friends who live in different places, locally or abroad you should check out their budget and availability for the proposed dates. Proper communication is key to making sure that the planning process goes smoothly.

It’s always wise to issue a save the date style invite in advance of any official invite or planning so that guests can keep the dates free and start to plan and budget for the party costs.


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