Planning A Trip To Alabama? Here Are Some Useful Pieces Of Advice

It is always exciting to discover a new place, especially in the United States as every state is different and diverse. As soon you cross the border, you get to experience a different vibe, culture, food, and people. Alabama is one of the states that stands out and offers great living options. It is also a great holiday destination due to its picturesque towns, scenery, food, and sports scene. Here are some useful pieces of advice to plan a trip to Alabama for a safe and comfortable experience.


  • Check the Weather Before Departure

Despite being warm and sunny, Alabama’s weather can surprise you. It typically rains during March and April. However, you may experience rain at any time during the day, which is why you must always carry an umbrella or a jacket with you. Ideally, springtime is the best season to visit any part of the state, which is until May.

The temperature reaches up to 85F during spring, which is bearable. However, the months of September to November are also quite pleasant and you get to see fewer tourists as compared to other months. Hotel prices are also low during the off-season.

  • Be Prepared to Devour the State’s Amazing Food

Alabama has some of the most amazing food among all states. If you are a fan of BBQ, you are at the right place. The state has several BBQ joints on highways and central points, some of which serve the best steaks in the country. Do not forget to try their sweet iced tea, which is a typical popular beverage in Alabama.

The state’s BBQ dishes are composed of large pieces of beef and pork marinated in their special sauce and smoked to produce a succulent flavor. Depending on the location you are driving to, find the best BBQ joint on your way for a flavorful experience.


Planning A Trip To Alabama? Here Are Some Useful Pieces Of Advice


  • Pick a Central Location to Live 

If you are spending around 6 to 7 days in Alabama, you must pick a central location to live in for accessibility to different spots and towns. However, if you just have a day or two to spend, pick the state’s largest city, Birmingham to live in. You can find affordable deals at the best hotels in Birmingham, AL during the offseason.

Whether you need a luxurious stay with your partner or a cozy, laidback vacation with your family, you can find several options in this city. It offers a wide array of activities and attractions along with some of the best restaurants in the state. 

  • Carry a Mosquito Repellent and Sunscreen

In Alabama, you can easily get sunburnt as the state is sunny throughout the year. Irrespective of the location and destination you are traveling to, sunscreen is always a necessity. Locations like Dothan and Atmore receive relatively higher sunlight than other towns and cities in the state.

For most parts of the year, Alabama attracts heavy mosquito traffic as well, which can cause and spread mosquito-borne diseases. From March to September, mosquitos may infiltrate some areas, which is why you must always carry a mosquito repellent with you. Areas near the beaches and coast often attract more mosquitoes due to high humidity levels.

  • Take the Backroads During Your Road Trip

Alabama is one of the few states that offers great roadside attractions, which is why you must take a scenic road trip across the state. With this, you can actually see and visit the beautiful scenes and picturesque waterfalls that Alabama boasts of.

There are plenty of backroads across the state that are less crowded and offer a beautiful scene along the way. Natchez Trace Parkway, Talladega Scenic Drive, Lookout Mountain Parkway, and William B. Bankhead National Forest Tour are some of the best backroads with picturesque attractions of waterfalls and canyons.

  • Visit the Beaches at Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park of Alabama is adorned with several white-sand beaches with seagulls and surfing attractions for locals and tourists. With several campsites, tennis courts, trails, and the Gulf Front Lodge and Conference Center, you have a lot to do at Gulf State Park.

You can access some of the best indoor amenities along with paddling and swimming activities in Lake Shelby. Beaches at this site are spread up to two miles, which gives you several relaxing spots by the clear water. Some beach vendors also offer activities like kayaking and parasailing.

This underrated state has a lot to offer and needs to be explored more to unravel its hidden beauty. If you plan your trip properly, Alabama will surely surprise you with its mystical vibe and scenic beauty. Irrespective of the company you have, you can still have the best time of your life in Alabama.


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