Planning a Weekend Away in Cornwall with Your Better Half

Cornwall is known as one of Britain’s most popular staycation destinations. With the region being as far south of the UK you can get, high temperatures are almost guaranteed, not to mention gorgeous clear blue seas and sandy white sandy beaches. Cornwall will have you second-guessing you’re on staycation after all! Here’s everything you need to know for planning the perfect getaway.


Why Cornwall?

Nature and scenery 

One of the reasons Cornwall is such a popular destination, is because of the beautiful scenery it has to offer. The region is home to many beaches, which stretch all along its coast. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe, or get a great view of some rocky cliffs – Cornwall has it all! You can even plan a lengthy hike along the famous South-West coast.

Another venture that should be on your checklist is visiting a sub-tropical garden. The Eden Project is famous for its dome greenhouses which are home to an array of exotic plants and wildlife – this global garden cannot be missed! Another popular scenic activity is a sea safari, where you can spot dolphins, sharks, seals, and whales!


Planning a Weekend Away in Cornwall with Your Better Half


Food and drink 

Cornwall is a foodie’s heaven! The region is famous for its hearty Cornish pasties, rich clotted cream, and offerings of freshly caught seafood. Ensure you book a trip to a critically acclaimed restaurant into your holiday itinerary – you will marvel at the local authentic flavours.

If like the majority of Brits, you are passionate about your tea, you will be pleased to know that Cornwall is home to its very own tea plantation called the Tregothnan estate where you can book private tours of the garden. Not only does Cornwall rave about its tea, but it also brews a great variety of craft beers, ciders, and gins – perfect to wash your meal down with.


Planning a Weekend Away in Cornwall with Your Better Half


History and heritage 

Cornwall’s history and heritage is rich and fascinating. One of the region’s highlights is its rugged castles which air tales as old as time. A trip to St Michael’s Mount, Pendennis Castle, St Mawes or Tintagel with a picnic in tow is sure to make a fantastic day!

Another place that should definitely be on your checklist is the Minack Theatre, an outdoor theatre perched right on a cliff that boasts of stunning views and history. Another part of Cornwall’s heritage is the myths and legends of the region – delve into these ancient stories by visiting the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic or King Arthur’s Tintagel.

Water sports 

Of course where there is a coast, water sports are sure to be in existence – and Cornwall’s climate is particularly perfect for them. The surfing scene is particularly famous in the region, but there is also an abundance of other sports to get involved with such as kayaking, sailing, paddle-boarding, and even wild swimming – however, be very careful! 


Planning a Weekend Away in Cornwall with Your Better Half


Cornwall has an excellent offering of festivals, and there is bound to be one for whatever your interests, whether that be music, food, art, beers, or boats! Perhaps research when a festival you are interested in is on and plan your getaway around that!

Relaxing after a long day of exploring is an equally important element of your trip. This is an excellent opportunity to binge watch your favourite Netflix shows such as Luther, Squid Game, and Dynasty. Do this all in the comfort of relaxing rented accommodation or your own holiday home for the full British staycation experience!

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