Planning Your Big Day? 3 Must-Haves For Your Upcoming Wedding

Last updated on November 4th, 2022

When you’re planning your own wedding, every detail both big and small matters. There is a lot going on from your bridal attire to the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception and everything in between. Of course, every couple is unique in what they desire for that famous walk down the aisle, but here are the top 3 must-haves for your upcoming wedding day.


Wedding Dress Test Drive

You want your nuptials to be perfect, and all eyes are on the bride, so pick up your dress a week before the big day, and have a dress rehearsal so to speak.

Everything has to look gorgeous and feel comfortable because you don’t want to suffer a wedding dress malfunction right before you say “I do.” Wedding dress experts recommend putting on your entire bridal ensemble right down to your wedding shoes. That includes the jewelry, veil if you’re wearing one, etc.

How does everything look? Do you need last-minute tweaking or alterations?

It’s also time to break in that pretty bridal footwear as you practice your walk down the aisle. It’s glamorous to be seen wearing stunning bridal stilettos, but who needs a painful processional, right?

Practice breaking in those wedding heels for 30 minutes a day a week before your nuptials. You can even buy some cushioned inserts that support the arch and ball of the foot so that you can dance the night away during your reception.


must-haves for your upcoming wedding

Photo/Video Collaboration

Your wedding day is a huge event, and you want a list of special moments captured on film. When your big day approaches, make sure to check in with your wedding photographer and videographer to communicate what you and your partner desire.

The right professionals will deliver a beautiful, high-quality story from beginning to end.

Your wedding videographer plays a major role in recording those special emotions and mannerisms during the event and the beautiful sounds that wedding photos cannot capture. The Drone Genius can produce high-quality footage more precisely than a conventional camera can.

Today, technological advancements for videography can create the perfect, finished product of a wedding video. An editing tool to remove audio from video serves an essential purpose in eliminating noises that could affect the quality of your wedding video.

You could even interweave still photos with video to change the pace of your video in a refreshing way.

The entire day goes by so fast, and a wedding videographer will capture the treasured moments and details that you can replay again and again.

must-haves for your upcoming wedding


Vendors, Budget, And Payment

The organization is essential, especially one week before the wedding, and when it comes to money, a wedding budget should be assembled and in order. It’s really the only way to keep ahead of your business and to be on the ball through every step of your planning.

Decorations are a crucial part of your wedding planning. Event decoration essentials such as event linens for tables and chairs, curtain drapes, wedding backdrops, and table decorations should be prepared beforehand so you have enough time if you need to order supplies for delivery for DIY weddings. You can find wholesale wedding suppliers that can be your one-stop shop for all your wedding needs.

Make sure to bulk tablecloths for weddings to get affordable yet quality linens for your wedding day. The best thing about buying wholesale tablecloths from trusted suppliers is that you can easily clean and store them for your next events such as birthday parties and other family gatherings.

Not only should you send the final guest list to the caterer but to all the venues that are hosting your wedding-related events.

Confirm arrival times by email, and give the heads up to your hair and/or makeup artist, the florist, cake baker, etc.

Prepare your final payments, have ready any checks for the vendors, and put tips in envelopes to be handed out at the event.

Also, check your contracts for payment deadlines. It’s all about being on time and fully aware of the expenses involved with your nuptials.

Weddings are amazing events but aren’t cheap. On average, couples will spend about $23,000 on their wedding.

Congratulations! Your wedding day will soon be here, and you are rounding the corner. Have a list all set, and make sure that the three must-haves outlined above are taken care of.

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