Pool Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Do you have a pool in your house?

If yes, you must have faced many issues because the plumbing system of pools is always one of the most critical ones.

Remember that if you don’t take care of these issues immediately, you’ll find yourself facing a high cost.

Of course, there are many ways you can reduce these issues and save money.

Here are some of the most important ones:


Check the water source

When it comes to the service and maintenance of your pool, the first thing to remember is to test the water quality frequently and add the proper chemicals to the water. You must maintain constant chlorine levels at all times.

One of the essential things you can do to keep your swimming pool in good shape is to add chemicals. A pool that lacks the proper chemical balance can house bacteria, seem murky, and be unsafe to swim in.

During the summer, water quality should be monitored at least once a week, but more frequently if feasible. During the winter, you should inspect the pool as well, albeit you will have to do so less frequently. During the winter, testing chemical levels every 1-2 weeks is generally sufficient.

Also, remember that the PH level of your water should always be between the range of 7.4 and 7.6. Be careful that an out-of-balance PH can lead to calcium accumulation along the edges of your system, causing many problems.

Make sure that the filter is clean

The next thing you need to do to keep your pool in good shape is to clean the filter on a regular basis. While you don’t have to clean the filter so frequently, it’s still necessary to keep your pool looking beautiful and functioning properly.

Depending on the state of your pool and the weather, you should clean the filter once every 3-6 months. It’s also good to check your filter after any big storm. Filters may need to be cleaned sooner as a result of heavy rain or severe weather.


Pool Maintenance Tips for Homeowners


Clean all other pots

You should also inspect numerous baskets and collection pots in your pool, in addition to your pool filter.

First and foremost, clean the hair and lint trap on your pool pump. Within the transparent glass of your pool’s pump, you’ll find the hair and lint pot. You’ll need to switch off the pump and then release the system pressure to accomplish this. This cleaning should be done every two weeks, but if required, you may wish to inspect it more frequently.

If your pool has one, you’ll also want to wipe out the skimmer basket as well as a debris catcher or leaf basket.

Examine the water level

Checking the water level is another thing you should do on a regular basis to maintain your pool in good repair. A low water level might cause difficulties with the pump, causing it to run dry or burn out.

Overly high water levels might also be an issue. The skimmer door may not function properly due to high water levels.

Water levels can fluctuate from time to time, especially after a major rain or a lot of pool use, so it’s vital to check often. Make sure the water level in your pool skimmer stays at the halfway point.

Scrub the pool regularly

Without lots of skimming and cleaning, your pool’s regular maintenance would be incomplete.

Skimming is one of the most typical and routine sorts of pool maintenance that you’ll be conducting. Skimming is removing leaves and other debris from the surface of your pool. To maintain your pool looking beautiful, you’ll probably have to do this every day.

Scrubbing is needed less often but should be done at least every other week. To maintain the appearance of your swimming pool’s siding, use a scrub brush to scrape the sides. Keep an eye out for algae development and scrub it away with the scrub brush to prevent it from forming.


Pool Maintenance Tips for Homeowners


Use a tennis ball for maintenance

While using a tennis ball in your pool may seem weird, it may really be a terrific technique to help maintain it clean.

To accomplish this, simply toss a tennis ball into your pool and leave it there for a bit. Any oils that get into the water of your pool will be absorbed by the tennis ball.

Sunscreen lotions, hair products, and natural body oils are frequently found in swimming pools. Instead of absorbing these oils, the tennis ball will absorb them, making your pool cleaner.

Think of the winter

The second thing to keep in mind while maintaining your pool is that you should always be prepared for the winter.

You can avoid a lot of possible problems and ensure that your pool is still in good form when the following summer season arrives by doing a few things to winterize it. On the other side, if you don’t properly winterize your pool, you may have to deal with pricey repairs later.

Before you close your pool for the year, utilize a water testing kit to ensure that the chemicals are balanced. Then drain any remaining water from your pipes and cover them tightly to prevent debris out.

Don’t forget a regular service by a professional plumber

While you can do a lot to keep your pool in good shape on your own, it can’t be compared with professional service. It’s a good idea to get your pool professionally serviced at least once a year to keep it in good working order.

Professional plumbing companies like R & Z Plumbing can do things for your pool that you can’t. They’re also excellent at inspecting pool equipment and parts, including filters, pumps, and heating systems. They have the technical knowledge to ensure that every component of your pool is functioning properly and can assist you in extending its life.


Final word

The plumbing system of your pool might become really problematic, so try to pay special attention to it. The best approach is to get it checked every occasion and make sure that everything is working fine. Remember that the cost of repair is much more than a regular service.

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