Practical Ideas and Tips You Need When Landscaping Your New Home

You have just moved into your new home, and you are excited. You are probably full of ideas on how to transform your house into the perfect living space for your family. However, do not forget the exterior of your house. The landscaping is just as important, if not more so. Your front landscaping is the first thing you see when you approach your house. You want it to look like it is welcoming you to your new home It can boost curb appeal and the beauty of your new property. Here are some great ideas and tips on landscaping your new house.



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  • Sketch A Plan

Get a sketchbook and a pencil, and take a walk around the exterior of your house to determine what you would like your landscape to look like. Do you want lots of colorful plants? Do you want more privacy? Do you want some seating for you or your visitors?

You can also decide if you want other elements like a birdbath, pavers, planters, lighting with Elluminate Lighting, etc. Look through magazines or landscaping websites to get ideas. After you have made your first sketch, step away from it for a day, then walk around your house again the next day. It might bring you fresh ideas. Do this over a week until you have a plan that you like to go with.

  • Make A Budget

This is an important part of the planning process because as a new homeowner, there are many areas in your new home that you probably want to work on. So, you need to allocate your funds accordingly. Set a realistic budget for the type of landscaping you want. If you are working with a landscaping company, let them know what your budget is so they can stick with it.

  • Set Your Priorities

Depending on what you want, sometimes your project has to be done in stages. For example, if you intend to landscape the front and back of your house, you should focus more on the front first because that has the most impact on what your house looks like on the outside. Decks and patios in the back of your house can come later.

  • Choose Plants That Can Thrive In Your Climate

It is a better idea to choose plants that are native to your climate because those have the best chance of thriving. You might be attracted to exotic plants, but be aware that these will probably require a lot of care and maintenance to get them acclimated to your planting area.

  • Choose Plants That Balance Each Other

Your landscape should have a variety of plants of different sizes and colors to add interest. They should be arranged so that the overall look will be balanced, well proportioned, without any plant overpowering the other. The landscape should look like it is one unit instead of different parts pieced together. Keep in mind how the plants will look when they reach maturity so you will not be surprised by a plant in the front that threatens to overshadow a plant behind it.

An attractive landscape can add beauty and value to your new house. Plan it out carefully. It is worthwhile to invest your time and money in creating this attractive extension of your new home.


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