Practical Tips for Creating Your Own Clothes

Have you always wanted to try making your clothes? You have found the right place if you find mainstream clothes simply not your style but aren’t sure where to begin. Here are some beginner tips and tricks to guide you in successfully creating your clothes at home.


Sew with confidence

Start your sewing journey with printed cotton fabrics. They are easier to work with, so you are less likely to experience a slip or stretch when sewing. By using prints, minor flaws such as wobbly seams look less noticeable. Using printed cotton fabric will save you from frustration due to minor mistakes, resulting in greater confidence in your sewing skills.

Know your fabrics

It is crucial to know which fabric types work best for different kinds of garments to create a fashionable wardrobe. For instance, batik fabric is perfect for flowy dresses, while cotton is a highly flexible fabric that you can use to make shirts, shorts, pyjama pants, and more. Researching the different types of fabrics will help you plan ahead. A pattern envelope also provides you with helpful suggestions for what fabrics work well with a garment you’re making.

Get the best scissors for the job

Dressmaking involves a lot of cutting fabrics, threads, and other accessories. It is, therefore, crucial to equip yourself with dedicated scissors for dressmaking. Choose a heavy set of scissors designed to cut nicely through the fabric. Remember not to use your scissors for other things, such as when cutting paper. This activity will dull your scissors over time.

Make time for prep

Always allow time to prepare all the materials and tools before you start sewing. Dressmaking involves a great deal of focus, so forgetting some items can break your momentum. Additionally, preparing all the things you need will save you time.


Practical Tips for Creating Your Own Clothes


Iron as you go

One of the things that beginners need to recognize early on is the importance of ironing the seams as you go through the dressmaking process. Some expert seamstresses believe that pressing the seams saves time and enhances the look and overall quality of the finished product. Keep your iron nearby to press the seams in between sewing quickly. Ironing not only sets and secures your stitches but helps to deliver a crisp and clean finish every time.

Create a one-way system

When using a machine, change the thread by cutting the spool and pulling the tail through the needle. Machines are designed for the thread to go in one direction. Pulling the thread in the opposite direction will result in the lint getting pulled back into the tension control.

Practice precision cutting

Take time cutting out your fabric to obtain accurate results. It is also imperative to measure the fabric carefully, ensuring the grainline is parallel to the selvedges. You can expect a good start with your sewing project if you cut neatly.


Now that you have good pointers to start your dressmaking project, all you must do is purchase the fabric and materials you need for a truly unique and successful result.



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