Professional Help or DIY: Knowing When to Hire

Whether your home has major issues or you’re simply tired of your eggshell walls, there’s no such thing as a wrong reason for a home renovation.

Completing home projects is an excellent way to improve your home while tailoring it to your specific wants and needs. That said, the price tag that comes attached to these projects is often overwhelming. The average cost of a kitchen remodel alone is over $20,000!

A great way to reduce this price is to DIY a portion of the renovation. However, it’s inadvisable to do everything yourself. With certain projects, hiring professional help is both safer and cheaper.

But which house projects are safe to DIY and which should be contracted out? To learn when it’s time to put down the wrench and hire a professional, just keep reading!


When It’s Safe to DIY

Is there anything more satisfying than completing a home improvement project yourself and admiring your handiwork? When it comes to home upgrades, you might be surprised by how many you can do yourself.

Projects such as repainting walls, changing out hardware, even installing floating flooring, don’t take much time or skill. Anything cosmetic is safe for the average DIYer. You can change the look and feel of a room entirely in one day!

There are two important questions to ask yourself before breaking out your toolbox. First, are you willing and able to devote the time necessary to finish the job? And second, do you have the patience to work through small mistakes?


Professional Help or DIY: Knowing When to Hire


When to Get Professional Help

Professionals can make anything look easy, but you have to remind yourself that they’re working with years of education and experience in their field. Installing carpeting, for example, is a task that seems simple enough but is all too easy to do incorrectly.

But let’s say you’re an eager DIYer. You’re up for the challenge of laying carpeting. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s ugly?

That’s fair. And with most projects, the rule is this: if you’re willing to risk it, go for it!

However, there’s another rule. Some projects aren’t worth the risk. Anything dealing with major plumbing or electrical work should be put in the hands of a professional.

A minor mistake with plumbing, for instance, can have disastrous effects. Over time, a small leak can bring down an entire house. It’s better to hire a professional plumber in the beginning than pay for an emergency plumber when you make a mistake later on.

Do Your Research Before Starting Any Project

There are plenty of projects that you can DIY without any issue. But to ensure that you’re kept safe and your home is kept in good condition, you have to know your limits.

When approaching any renovation project, do a little research beforehand. What does the job entail? What tools are required? What could go wrong along the way?

There’s no shame in bringing in the experts! Hiring professional help can save you a big headache and an even bigger bill down the road.

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