Professional vs. DIY Pressure Washing: Which One’s Right For Your Home’s Exterior?

If your home’s exterior is long overdue for a cleaning session, it may be an excellent idea to consider pressure washing. Various parts of your property may have stubborn grimes to clean because of thick layers of foreign materials like mud or algae. In some cases, you won’t be able to remove them entirely no matter how hard you scrub them with regular cleaning tools.

However, ignoring them may only cause damage to your property in the long run. Thus, it would be best to consider doing a pressure cleaning job. This article will discuss the benefits of letting professionals do the pressure washing and performing it yourself to help you decide which is suitable for your home.


Professional vs. DIY Pressure Washing: Which One’s Right For Your Home’s Exterior?


Professional Pressure Washing  

If you’re undecided if you should hire a cleaning company to service your exterior, some benefits may convince you to do so.  

  • Proper Equipment 

One advantage of hiring an expert from companies like All Clean Pressure Washing is that they have the equipment to clean your entire exterior. After all, dirt buildup may happen on different areas in your property, including your roof, walls, or driveway. These surfaces have varying materials, so it’s essential to use the right equipment to avoid damaging them.  

For example, if you pressure wash your wood exterior walls using a tool meant for firmer surfaces like concrete, you may only damage your home. If this happens, you’ll need to pay extra to fix your property which may not be within your budget. Pressure cleaning professionals have the tools and skills to clean surfaces with tough dirt buildup without ruining them.   

  • It Is Efficient  

If you don’t have the time to clean your property, it may be better to consider hiring a cleaning company. Removing dirt from your exterior may take time, especially if the affected area is extensive. Also, reaching some spots like your roof or the upper area of your home exterior may require extra effort that would consume your time.

Hiring a pressure washing company is an efficient alternative if your busy lifestyle hinders you from doing the task yourself. It’s easy to schedule an appointment with a reliable cleaning company, and in some cases, they only take a few hours to finish the job. 

Furthermore, some cleaners may have flexible schedules to service their clients at the most convenient times. It means you can schedule the cleaning service when you’re free. If you’re looking for a reliable pressure washer, you can check out websites like  

  • It Is Affordable

Another reason why a professional pressure washing session may suit you better is that it is cost-effective. Hiring a cleaning company won’t break your bank since some offer reasonable prices to their clients. You may even find great deals if you hire the same company more than once.   

Additionally, conducting a pressure cleaning session in your house can prevent any budding problems like mold buildup from worsening. It prevents your exterior’s structure from being compromised, helping you not spend your money on repairs once some parts of your home are damaged.    

DIY Pressure Washing  

Besides hiring a professional to pressure wash your property, you could also do it yourself. Here are some reasons why it may be a good idea to conduct a DIY pressure cleaning session.  

  • It Is An Investment  

Purchasing your own power cleaning tools and doing the job yourself may be a worthy investment in the long run. You can save some costs on hiring a professional, especially if your property requires pressure cleaning regularly.    

You can bring out your equipment whenever you see parts of your exterior collecting dirt. Additionally, some pressure tools are compatible with multiple surfaces and have different settings. Thus, you can easily use them to clear any part of your property. You can conveniently clean your exterior quickly, especially when you only need to focus on a few areas as long as you take the time to read its manual and instructions.    

  • It Is Convenient 

Although calling an expert to service your building is manageable, there may be times when you need to wait for days before you get an appointment. If your exterior needs cleaning, waiting for someone to come to your property may not be efficient. After all, allowing various substances to thrive in your exterior for extended periods may only damage your property. For example, if your driveway is muddy after a storm, it’s best to clean it as soon as possible to prevent it from sticking further to the concrete and your car tires.

A DIY pressure washing session will ensure you can address the problem as soon as you spot it. As a result, you can prevent it from worsening and keep your exterior in pristine condition.   


Final Thoughts  

Pressure washing is a great cleaning technique that can keep your house exterior clean and free from damaging elements. You can consider hiring a professional if you need a more extensive cleaning session for various parts of your property. Alternately, if you only need to clean a few areas, you can opt to do the job yourself.   


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