Pros and Cons of Stairlifts

Stairs can be difficult for older people due to limited mobility, lack of body stability, and weakened muscles. Motor movement restrictions are one of the main reasons why staircases at home also become a significant issue for older adults, so they start residing on the ground floor or think about moving to retirement facilities. But since both options are on the higher end of the price scale, stairlifts are a feasible and easy solution and provide several benefits. This article will discuss the pros and cons of purchasing a stairlift for your residence.

Pros and Cons of Stairlifts

Pros of purchasing stairlifts

Prevents Fatal Injuries

One of the main reasons for using stairlifts instead of staircases is that it provides more safety comparatively. In addition, when motorized chairs are used to transport people through different floors, it reduces the risk of falling down the stairs. Falling through the stairs has a high health risk because missing one step can result in broken bones, including legs, hips, and even the spinal cord.

Even though it is risky for elders to climb stairs daily, they use them as a tool for physical exercise. If you wonder whether opting for a stairlift will eliminate the healthier option, consider walking on treadmills as a safer alternative. Elders can even consider brisk walking and riding bikes as an alternative for climbing stairs at home.

Flexible utility

For the majority of users, stairlifts are a cup of tea. All one has to do is sit on the chair and put on the seatbelt. The movement of the stairlift will take place once they press the rocker switch located at the side armrest of the chair. One can go up and down the floors by pressing the rocking switch of the stairlift.

Riding the stairs in Comfort

For most people, riding up and down through floors using stairlifts is easy and very comfortable. They are made with premium quality cushions; the stairlift chair is exceptionally comfortable every time you sit down. Often while shopping for stairlifts, people look for padded cushions not only on the seat but also at the back and on the chair’s armrests.

Reinstates independence for Elderly

Stairlifts are a boon for the elderly, given how it restores the freedom of moving through different floors of their homes effortlessly without cursing their weakened bones and muscles. Most elders feel that their freedom gets lost because of their lack of stability and restricted mobility. One of the easiest ways to restore mobility is by purchasing a stairlift for your home to avoid using the stairs.

A feasible option for elderly

For those who cannot climb the stairs of their homes, choosing a stairlift is one of the most accessible and economical options. However, considering every other purchase on the internet, purchasing stairlifts for your residence will require significant research. First, one needs to understand the staircase’s type, size, and condition upon which the stairlift is installed.

If the cost of residing in a one-level residence or a retirement home is considered, stairlifts are the most economical option. It prevents older people from relocating to more comfortable residential options, thus protecting their sentiments.

Temporary solution for those injured

Instead of forcing the injured to reside downstairs or in a unique facility for the physically injured, installing stairlifts can allow injured people to live in their respective rooms click here to learn more.

For those recovering from a physical injury, it is advised by experts to get stairlifts installed instead of paying thousands of dollars for hospital beds. Recovering at home also has emotional benefits and ensures the injured’s mental well-being.

You have the option to test run it

for those who haven’t heard about stairlifts before, you can drive down to the nearest local market instead of purchasing them directly on the internet. You can try out different stairlifts to see which one is a good fit for you before heading home and purchasing at a much cheaper rate.

While choosing stairlifts on the internet, consider the staircase of your home to avoid purchasing the wrong stairlift. Even though it is a great purchase, especially for those who have older people at home, purchasing the wring stairlift will not serve the purpose.

Cons of purchasing stairlifts

There are hardly any cons of purchasing stairlifts because they speak of convenience and comfort while moving through floors. But, it is easier to install a stairlift on straight staircases than on those with turns and curves.

Curved staircases require more time and effort because the stairlifts need to be installed based on the custom design planned for the staircase. Stairlifts for straight staircases require a couple of hours only for installation, after which older adults can use them.

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