Pros and Cons of Teaching Mental Health in Schools for Students

Mental health is one of the most important components of human health. So, it is important to teach mental health starting from an early age when children study at school. The lessons can be presented using video games and education software. But what are the advantages of the mental health curriculum for middle school?


Better performance in studies

A school-based mental health conference can benefit students’ school performance. They feel better at the emotional level and so get more motivated to study.

Help students with mental problems

Students with poor mental health often have problems with their studies. The professionals can help them write a mental health excuse letter for school. If there are more difficulties, such a person can study in a mental health boarding school.

Constant control

If there are specialists who help students throughout their school day, they can help them at once. This would prevent the students from dropping out of high school for mental health.

Happier life

As the professionals working in schools know students best, they make them happier. They can easily find the right approach for them. So, they help with solving their psychological problems.

At the same time, there are some disadvantages to teaching mental health in school:

Not all students are mentally ill

Reading a school mental health journal may not be helpful for healthy students. They need constant help like everyone. Yet, they do not need information about severe mental illnesses.

The lack of facts

It can be difficult to define a mental illness in a student. The reason is that some symptoms may be the usual character traits of a person.

Too much information

Mental health lesson plans high school programs focus on providing students with information. At the same time, they pay little attention to their emotional state and problems.

Few behavioral programs

There is a lack of behavioral programs that engage every student. For example, there is much information but little work in groups when every student can talk.

Mental Health Lesson Plans for Middle School 

How high school measure mental health problems? There are a lot of lesson plans with a certain curriculum. Some of them include such topics:

  1. Stress and anxiety – problems with communication because of stress or depression.
  2. Eating disorders – having a lack of appetite or an increased appetite.
  3. Studying problems – lacking motivation for studies or feeling anxious about studies.
  4. Supporting a friend – how to support a friend who is staying in a depressed condition.

Effectiveness of School-Based Mental Health Services

Which component of coordinated school health with helping students’ mental and emotional health is crucial? Mental health plans are very effective for school students. The reason is that such students often have problems in communication and studies because of little experience. Constant psychological help can prevent them from developing mental illnesses. So, it will make them stay productive at school.

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