Pros and Cons of Using Keyless Locks

The days of struggling with keys may be gradually getting over. Although keyed locks are still widely used, the keyless option is slowly becoming popular. Keyless door locks, sometimes called electronic locks are now used in many offices and homes. This is owing to the many benefits that this lock system offers.

There are different types to choose from. While some electronic locks use fingerprints, some others use passcodes, pins, or keycards. Since keyless locks are now the new thing it is important to know what makes them preferable to keyed locks, and the limitations that they may have.


Pros and Cons of Using Keyless Locks


What we like: The Pros

No key problem

One major problem with keyed locks is that you have to always keep an eye on your keys. But with the keyless option, you can easily avoid this. You do not have to worry about misplacing your keys or forgetting them at home or in the office. As far as you remember your password or pin code you always have access through the door.

This means that you don’t need to make emergency keys or duplicates for your close friend. You can easily share the passcode with them and when you feel there’s too much trespassing, the code can be changed at any time.

Be in charge

Since you are the only one who knows your passcode it means it is just you who has access through the door. Only those whom you choose to share the code with can get through. This way you get to decide who goes in and who doesn’t.

This total control makes it ideal for securing valuables. In some cases, where more than one person is allowed through, each authorized individual can be given a special code which will be monitored to know who accessed the room and when the entry was made. Unlike keyed locks where it is difficult to determine who gained entry into the space.

No fear of burglars breaking in

One major problem with keyed locks is that burglars can break through the door, although it takes expertise to do this. On the other hand, it is difficult to break through doors with electronic locks, this is because, without the code, the door stays shut and is difficult for burglars to get through, especially when the door itself is specifically designed for high security.

Also, since no key is used, you don’t have to worry about your keys getting dubbed and stolen which will require you to change the entire lock. This is very helpful, especially for people who share apartments and have to keep the keys in a secret place for the other person. This can be very risky and may give just anyone access to your living space.

They are convenient and easy to use

Since you don’t require a key to open the door, it means that you don’t have to carry one at all. There is no need to waste time searching for your keys whenever you are at the door. Some improved keyless locks now use fingerprints instead of passcode, making it all the more better and convenient. Also, these types of door locks are easy to use. Simply input your code and you’re in.

Most keyless locks have backlights that allow you to easily use them even at night. Also, they are quite easy to install. Some locks can be installed directly on your door without any need for replacement. Ensure that the installation is done by a professional. Contact a locksmith in Heidelberg to find out which kind of keyless lock is best for you, and whether you can fit the door into your already-existing door.

Sleek look

This is one major reason why keyless locks are used in modern homes. The sleek design adds to the aesthetic look of an apartment and may consequently increase its market value. Homes with modern technologies like electronic locks, residential lifts, underground parking lots, and many others usually have a high market value compared to homes that don’t. So they can be considered a profitable investment.


Pros and Cons of Using Keyless Locks


What we don’t like: The Cons

It cost more

Compared to regular door locks, keyless locks can be quite expensive, and the reason is not far-fetched. The extra security and convenience only mean you have to spend more, which in most cases, can be worth it. This is why these types of locks are mostly used in cases of high-security needs, although most modern-day buildings have adopted this lock system. You can check online for different kinds of keyless locks to know which fits into your budget, or you can inquire from a locksmith in your location.

The passcode may be forgotten

Just like losing your key could mean losing access, losing your code could mean the same as well. This is why it is preferable to use a code that is less complicated, one that you can easily remember. However, this does not apply to fingerprint locks because you do not need codes for that. It may be more difficult to remember your code if you are constantly changing it, so sticking to one code can save you a lot of trouble, except if changing it is necessary.

No power may mean no entry

Most keyless locks run on electricity. So in case of power failure, you may have some difficulties in using the lock. Although some have batteries, which can make it less of a hassle, it usually requires constant replacement from time to time. So before choosing a keyless lock inquire from the locksmith whether such a lock is suitable for you considering the power condition in your location.

Someone may get the code

It could be a careless disclosure on your part, like telling a close friend your code so they can help you get something in your apartment and then you forget to change the code. It could also be due to hacking. Although this is difficult, it is highly possible.

There are many reasons to choose keyless locks just as there are reasons not to. So this lock system may not be the best option for everyone or in every situation. If you are having problems choosing a lock for your door, it’s best to seek professional advice. Overall, keyless door locks can be very beneficial. Asides from the few limitations, they are good for ensuring the security of your valuables.


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