Protection from EMF: How Does EMF Protection Work?

A 2021 study found a causal link between EMF exposure and electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS) symptoms in 100% of participants subliminally, and 30% consciously.

The study concluded that there was ‘proof of EHS beyond all reasonable doubt.’ The symptoms of EHS can include sleep difficulties, fatigue, chronic pain conditions, and skin conditions.

However, information about protection from EMF sources is limited; many governments and health organizations are yet to recognize the importance of educating the public about EMF protection.

Read on if you’ve come here to learn more about protecting yourself and your family.


EMF Protection Products In the Home

One of the first products people often use for protection from 5G EMF radiation is a special type of paint. EMF paint helps shield your home from outside sources of radiation that are beyond your control.

This paint is made from carbon, silver, or aluminum. These materials block radiation from entering the home.

However, it won’t protect you from devices inside your house. High radiation culprits are WiFi connections, cell phones, microwaves, and computers. You should consider turning off all devices when you’re not using them and hardwiring your internet devices, so you don’t need to use WiFi.

When you’ve done a full audit of electronic devices in the home, you can buy an EMF detector. This is a small, handheld device that reacts to EMF radiation. It’ll be able to show you where any sources of EMF radiation in your home are and whether it’s at a dangerous level.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to achieve 100% protection within the home. To assist with this, you can also shop for more products like bed canopies to filter out any final unwanted radiation.

EMF Protection Products Outside the Home

Whereas EMF protection for home environments is relatively easy, what do you do when leaving the house? There’s WiFi everywhere, and you can’t escape it. (Although, if you have accommodating friends, they may be happy to turn their phones and internet off for a short while).

In these cases, you can buy EMF protection fabrics to wear. These work similarly to the led aprons a dentist will put on before conducting an x-ray.

The fibers in EMF protection clothing repel radiation and prevent it from penetrating and damaging your cells.

You can buy protective pants, tops, hats, scarves, and more. However, shop at a reputable store that tells you what percentage of radiation will be filtered out.

Educate Yourself About Protection From EMF Exposure

Now you know more about protection from EMF exposure, you can start implementing changes. Small things will make all the difference when it comes to protecting yourself and your family.

Whether you’re at home or not, you can significantly reduce the amount of radiation that reaches your cells.

Did you find this article helpful? If so, take a look at this infographic below for important points of protection in a building.


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