Put It Away: 6 Backyard Storage Ideas

Are you running out of space in your backyard? Our backyards serve the purpose of being a hub for relaxation for everyone in the household. It also acts as a secondary storage area for anything that’s too large or out of place inside the house. However, there will come a point when you’ll also run out of backyard storage ideas, causing it to become cluttered.

This clutter can make your backyard look unpleasant and can even have ugly effects on your mental health. What’s great is that there are a lot of other ways for you to put your items away. Read what we have below to learn how to store items in your backyard. Put everything in its place and make your backyard organized once again!


1. Make the Most Out of a Shed

Any large household should have a storage shed in their backyard to hold different items. These items can be things that don’t fit in the house or the house’s aesthetic, but you can’t bear to throw them away. These could also be items that you only use every so often in the backyard.

There are different types of sheds for you to choose from. The size should depend on what you plan on storing in the shed. Since you need to make the most of what space you have, making sure you waste no space is key in using a backyard shed.

To begin, it’s best that you take everything out of your shed first. This allows you to learn what you need to store and what space you have to work with. Once done, you should think about how you’ll put the bigger items in the shed first.

Putting them in first is important so you don’t have trouble maneuvering them later on. You may knock down small items if you put them in last. When doing this, make sure you don’t block them with the other items.

You never know when you need to fish them out of the shed to use. Placing items in front of them will make it more difficult to take them out.

If possible, hang your larger items on the walls or place them to lay parallel to the ceiling. It will help in taking them out with ease.


rt Potting Shed 3 Backyard Storage Ideas

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2. Storing Smaller Items

Once you have the larger items like your gardening tools in your shed, it’s time to take care of the smaller items. There are a lot of ways for you to do this. If you’re thinking about storing them in the shed, make sure you place them in storage containers, first.

Items often get knocked down and will often get scattered around the shed. When this happens, it can present an even more dangerous situation as you can slip on them. Having them stored in plastic containers will help prevent this from happening.

It will also make it easier for you to organize and store your items. Having them in containers helps you move them around with ease. Putting labels on them also allows you to find what you’re looking for immediately.

If you want to store it elsewhere, you can consider using a backyard storage box. You can use these boxes to store other items in the backyard, like patio pillows and gardening tools.

What’s great is that these boxes often blend in well with any aesthetic. This means they won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your backyard. You can even use them as benches or seats when needed.

3. Storing Vehicles 

There are a lot of ways for you to store vehicles in the backyard without ruining how it looks. Some people need to store their cars in the backyard temporarily. This often happens when you don’t have enough space in the driveway due to a guest or such.

You can set up a temporary carport to keep your car safe and protected. These are easy to set up and will look more natural in the backyard than you think. It won’t break the flow and will keep it looking nice and organized.

These carports are important as they protect your car from direct exposure to the elements. This is even more important during the summer as extreme heat can heavily damage your car.

If you’re storing smaller vehicles like motorbikes and such, canopies can be a better choice. They provide more security and are as flexible as carports in terms of convenience. They also make for great outdoor storage ideas for lawn mower parts and vehicles.

For even smaller vehicles, like toy tricycles and bikes, you can hide them from plain sight. You can store them in compartments inside other outdoor furnishings.

You can build a modern-looking fixture with wood paneling and a grassy top for this. These will look great in your backyard especially when you’re going for a modern aesthetic. They’ll hide your small vehicles from sight and will help you save space in your backyard.


4. Organizing Your Plants

Some backyards have a lot of plants around to help bring life to the area. However, without a professional to help you, they can look disorganized and unkempt. You can help yourself by organizing them in such a way that they’ll look amazing on display.

One way for you to do this is by converting an old cabinet into a potting bench. You can put stacks of potted plants on here, making sure they take up as little space as possible. To make it fit in your backyard, give it a fresh paint job to make it look brand new.

The drawers can also help you out here. You can put in your gardening tools and accessories to save even more space.

If you’re looking to organize a large number of plants, you can consider converting your backyard shed. Turn it into a small greenhouse by opening up some walls and replacing them with glass. This allows you to give your plants enough sunlight during the day without you needing to take them out most of the time.

You can also use unappealing items like cinderblocks as vertical planters. By using these ideas for your plants, you save as much space as you can in your backyard. It also makes it easier for you to take care of them, allowing you to reap the mental health benefits of plants.

5. Use All Spaces Available

Some homes have small backyards, meaning you’ll have a harder time optimizing your space. In this case, you need to employ the help of certain items to maximize storage.

One way to do so is by hanging storage buckets on your fence. These can act as secondary storage containers for items that you frequently use. You can also use them to store your children’s toys if they like playing in the backyard often.

You can also use weatherproof baskets to store toys and other recreational items. These are a better option if you need to sort a large variety of things. Doing this makes it easier for your kids to find it, helping them cause less of a mess overall.

Wooden pallets are also some of the better outdoor storage options available for you to use. You can prop them upright and use the spaces between to hold your gardening tools and such. It’s among the better outdoor storage ideas for small spaces as everything will get set to the side and be out of your way.

You can also use hanging organizers to add more storage space to your backyard. These have little pockets for you to add small items like garden trowels or your gardening gloves. Hanging organizers make these tools accessible when you need them and easy to stow when you’re done.


 Backyard Storage Ideas

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6. Spooling Your Hose

The common garden hose is something that will never disappear in the backyard. When left alone, they can cause different kinds of accidents as you’re liable to trip on them. This makes it important to keep them tidy in any way you can.

You can do this in a lot of ways. A DIY garden hose spool is a good option if you want to keep it accessible in your backyard. A portable spool is also a good idea if you think you’ll need to bring your hose to the front yard to use.

You can also hide them from plain sight. All you need is a planter box that’s hollow inside. This is a good space saver since the planter box can double as a hose holder and a good decorative piece in your backyard.

Use These Backyard Storage Ideas Today

There’s no need to worry about having an unorganized backyard in your home. These backyard storage ideas will help you make the most of what space you have available. Start sorting your items and bring out the beauty in your backyard today!

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