Qualities You Need to Look For When Buying a Grand Piano

A Grand Piano Has One Of The Most Significant And Impressive Appearance.  

While it is wrong to compare musical instruments with each other, there is something that makes the grand piano stand out. One can be in awe of the mere visual appeal this kind of piano brings with it. Keep in mind that even the average grand piano can be 5 to 6 feet in length. 

Many people are either not prepared or don’t know how to select a grand piano. Firstly, make sure you have enough space as all grand pianos are a minimum of 5 feet wide. The length of the pianos however varies mostly and you can take into consideration the space you have to be able to fit one properly. A more professional full concert grand piano can reach up to 9 feet. The length of the piano is important as it equates to better sound. 

However, if you’re planning to get a grand piano then you should worry so much about the size or how it is going to get through the door. Most piano sellers transport and deliver it to your house with the legs and lyre removed. You need to make sure that your front door has ample space for delivery. With some minimal additional charge, you can also ask the piano movers to take it to the respective room and fix it up for you. Should you need to move to a different residence eventually, you don’t have to fret as there’s a grand piano moving service company that’ll ensure the safety of your beloved musical instrument. They are experts in their field and will give the utmost care your musical equipment deserves. 

There are some qualities other than the size that you need to take into consideration before buying a grand piano. 


Qualities You Need to Look For When Buying a Grand Piano


Quality Of The Piano

Quality is always a vital aspect that you should look for is anything that is a long-term investment. The common myth is that a new piano will always be of high quality. This is not actually true. Everything that is expensive doesn’t necessarily have to be of high quality. So whether you are buying grand pianos or rococo pianos, always look for a reliable and trustworthy seller.

While newer pianos could have fewer issues with conditions, they may not all be necessarily as good as older, higher-end grand pianos. Compare the prices to get the best quality piano with the best price. Ensure that your new grand piano is updated with technology and comes with the right manufacturer warranty.

Many music aficionados are particular with the brand of their instrument. They’ll only buy a brand that they know and trust. It’s because these brands have maintained an untarnished reputation in their industry. 

Ultimately, don’t buy in haste.  Take very careful consideration and weigh all your options before you hit the store and swipe your card. It would also be beneficial to conduct thorough research on the product as this will become a big investment and eventually an heirloom piece for your family. 

Size Of The Piano

Choose a size that fits properly in the prospective space. The smaller grand pianos can be around 5 feet in length and the larger ones can be up to 9 feet. Measure the space you have available for the intended use of the grand piano and then select one that is an ideal fit.

Another tip to keep in mind when selecting a piano is that even if the space is small, you can invest in a smaller baby grand piano and you will enjoy good quality sound. If the space you have is larger then look for a slightly longer piano. Remember, the larger space you have available, the bigger should be the piano. 


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Tone Of Piano

One of the most notable ways of knowing if the piano is indeed a high-quality one is the improvements in tones that can be done. You can adjust the tone of a good-quality piano. Before you do so, you should wait for the piano to settle into the home environment.

If you are not sure how to tone it then you can seek the help of a professional technician who can make the necessary adjustments to the tone. The tone of the piano will have an impact on the price. This is because the way the piano holds the tone will only get richer as it ages. So select a piano that fits your budget but also fits the tone that you are looking for.

Many piano stores won’t take it against you if you take your sweet time in choosing. After all, this will become a permanent part of your life.  Don’t hesitate to try and play and listen very well to the tone of the instrument.  Don’t pressure yourself to buy on that same day. You can come back after a few days of thinking it over. Again, this is a given for a substantial investment like this. So, don’t be embarrassed. 

Appearance Of The Piano

The visual aspect of the piano is less important than the sound. Albeit, it should still be given some consideration. Grand pianos are available in many colors and you can choose one that fits the environment wherein it will be placed. A gleaming black grand piano can fit in almost every type of home decor. However, make sure you give it constant care and keep the wooden part of it clean. A great grand piano goes beyond the glistening façade. Scrutinize very carefully because you need to ensure there are no flaws underneath the beautiful exterior. 

The above qualities will help you select the right piano. Take advice from your teacher as well as they will be able to guide you better. However, do not be shy to ask as many questions as you want to the seller so you know that you are buying a grand piano that is of the best quality and fits your budget as well. A trustworthy dealer ensures that not only does the piano live up to your expectation but also elevates their own reputation.


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