Quick-And-Easy Guide to Holiday Lighting Installation

On November 7, 2021, Daylight Savings Time ended and the clocks set back one hour. For some, this extra hour of sleep was a blessing, but for others, the lack of sunlight was enough to cause seasonal depression.

To combat the darkness, many are ready to put up their holiday lights a little earlier to spread some cheer. Before creating your own holiday lighting installation, there are a few things you should know.

Keep reading to learn the steps you should take.


Inspect the Wires

If you are using the same outdoor holiday lights that you have year after year, inspect them before installing them. Wires can become brittle over time and their time in the cold could lead to broken sockets or exposed copper.

Frayed wires might not seem like much cause for concern but they are a safety hazard. Worst case scenario, they burn down your house. Throw lights away that have frayed wires and opt for fresh new ones instead.

Electrical Concerns

Connecting more than five or six strings of lights together can overload the circuit. Be cautious about how many lights you have up outdoors.

Another electrical concern you’ll want to consider is how tightly you are pulling the strands to reach an outlet. If you pull a lighting strand too tight to the point it causes rips and tears, the result might be electrocution.

A holiday lighting installation should always be out of reach of any groundwater.

Practice Caution on Elevated Areas

To place Christmas lights on the roof, you’ll need a ladder in good and stable condition. Always ground your ladder on a solid and flat surface.

When using a ladder, never work alone. Having someone assist you with installing outdoor lights is easier anyway! They can hold your ladder steady and tell you how great you are doing from the ground.

Some roofs are too steep or high for the average person to safely hop on. If this is the case for you, hire a holiday lighting professional from Lushgreenlandscapes.com.

Take Lights Down After the Season

The holiday season is great but it doesn’t last forever. This means all that work you did on your holiday lighting installation will have to come down at some point.

Even if Christmas is your favorite season, you’ll want to protect your lights and home from various weather conditions throughout the year. When you take your lights down after the season, you avoid damage to the wires, sockets, and lights.

Holiday Lighting Installation: A DIY Project

A home holiday lighting installation is one of the best DIY projects to complete for holiday lovers. Taking extra precautions can make the process more enjoyable and safe.

Before placing string lights outdoors, inspect the wires and be aware of possible electrical concerns. Practice ladder safety and don’t keep your lights up all year long.

If the DIY job is too much for you, hire professionals who specialize in holiday lighting installation. You can find more home project guides by checking out the other posts on our blog.

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