Reasons to Invest in a Kirloskar Generator

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What is Kirloskar? Kirloskar is a globally recognized corporation. Kirloskar Group of Companies is one of the most primitive industrial organizations in India’s engineering business. It was established in 1888. The company’s headquarters are in Pune, India. Their products are used all over the world. Sanjay Kirloskar (CMD), Atul C. Kirloskar (Chairman), and Rahul C. Kirloskar are the company’s key figures (Chairman).

Pumps, Engines, Compressors, Generators, Chillers, Valves, Pig Iron, Construction, and Transmissions are some of the products that Kirloskar manufactures and sells. “Enriching Lives” is the company’s tagline. Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL), the group’s flagship company, is a recognized pioneer in the production of high-quality power diesel generator sets. Kirloskar produces diesel generators with capacities ranging from 5 to 3000 kVA. Both backup power generation sets and primary power requirements are available from the company.

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In addition, the KOEL diesel generators are available with open or soundproof covers. Environmentally friendly equipment is used. The remote monitoring system, which connects the Generator to a central data server via a SIM and the internet, is the most advanced feature offered by Kirloskar Generator.

On the customer’s laptop or mobile device, the monitoring panel and indications can be viewed. Regardless of where you are or how far away you are from your generator, you will always have control over it, cutting operating costs and increasing reliability. Kirloskar’s generator sets are used in a variety of businesses, shopping malls, airports, roadways, and towns.

Are you curious as to why the Kirloskar Generator is the market leader now? This is why:


Highly dependable and long-lasting

Because of the harsh operating conditions in India, the KOEL Generator is built with a sturdy configuration. It has been successfully providing service for several years. Kirloskar also gives customers the choice of choosing between air-cooled and water-cooled generator sets. It is well-known for its dependability and longevity.


Kirloskar produces cost-effective generator sets that have higher fuel efficiency. One of the most significant advantages of this generator is that they help to reduce fuel costs. Its ratings are based on the current load as well as potential growth. Its fuel efficiency is calculated using the full ratings. Generators, on the other hand, are rarely used to their full capacity. As a result, it has improved its fuel efficiency from 100% to 50%, resulting in optimal operational efficiency.

At your fingertips, you can control your generator

Kirloskar generators of today are based on microprocessor controllers that provide a large display of all settings and allow consumers to adjust them with their fingers. It is simple to use.

Long-life usage

Kirloskar generators are well-known for their robust design and dependability, as well as their long service life. KOEL has integrated all of the latest technology into its generator, which helps to increase its longevity and serviceability. These generators provide trouble-free performance throughout their service life. The price is also quite inexpensive. Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited offers a variety of generator sets based on the customer’s needs (KOEL).



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