Reasons Why Transformative Sinks Will Become A Reliable Addition To Your Bathroom

The sink is usually an overlooked aspect of your bathroom. According to statistics, it is one of the least upgraded bathroom features. It’s because once installed, it’s not that easy to replace it. That’s why you need to decide carefully which sink fits your bathroom design. If not, you will have to endure looking at that mismatched style for a very long time. Designing is not an easy thing to do. There are so many aspects that you have to consider when choosing the right type of sink for your bathroom. Which style matches the wallpaper? Is it convenient for you? Does it serve its function? Do you have space for this style?

What a major headache!

But it was not all for naught. The result often gives you a gratifying feeling. Not only that, but a great combination of colors and style also reduces anxiety and stress. So it’s important to put in a little extra effort of deciding which is the best look for a sink to buy.

Remember, even the littlest things can make a huge impact!


The Materials Used Also Matters

The overall look of the room does not only rely on the style of your sink. It also helps to consider the materials used for the sink. 

Choosing the right material for your sink can be challenging. Especially when you’re not aware of the pros and cons of different materials. Each material has different features that may make or break your sink.

Here are popular sink materials, alongside their advantages and disadvantages.


1. Stone

unnamed sink for your bathroom


The trend in interior design today is leaning more towards a natural look. This is also why architects are preferring more earthy materials in their designs. 

While there are many stones to choose from, concrete sinks are easier to produce. This is because they are made from gravel, sand, and cement – materials that you can find locally. And because of that, you can even make a concrete sink for yourself!

It has also gained popularity because of its good pairing with contemporary or traditional home designs. If you’re someone who likes a rugged, but still stylish look, it’s best to choose concrete-made sinks.


  • Durable. Products made out of concrete can last for about six decades. This is, of course, to assume that you have properly maintained them. Concrete sinks do not easily wear and get dented.
  • Adaptable to your needs. One of the best features of concrete sinks is that they are highly customizable. They can be made out of different styles and sizes. There are many options to choose from: concrete basin, double sink, farmhouse style. The possibilities are endless!
  • Can be personalized. Custom concrete sinks are unique depending on your preferences. You can paint it with any color that you like, or add aggregates for a more personalized look. It brings out the creativity in you.


  • Prone to chipping. Although it is durable, it is not as hard as other materials, such as granite. Concrete vessel sinks, with their edge exposed, are not immune to cracking or chipping. Small cracks are not your problem. Big cracks, however, give you problems with how it looks and its stability.
  • There will be discoloration. Having a porous surface means that it will be hard for you to prevent it from moisture or staining. Over time, there will be natural discoloration on your concrete sinks.


2. Stainless Steel

sink for your bathroom


The stainless steel sink is sought for its modern vibe and high durability. When choosing a stainless steel material, you would be looking at its gauge. To make it simple, the gauge determines the thickness of the steel. The lower the gauge, the thicker it is, and vice versa.


  • Durable. Its nickel and chromium contents maintain its shine while making it rust-resistant. With thicker material, it does not get dented very easily.
  • Versatile. From a modern look to a contemporary one, this type of sink is popular among homeowners. It is a perfect match for your stainless steel appliances, giving your bathroom uniformity. It is also a good pair for a copper or cast iron bathtub.
  • Inexpensive. While the price varies depending on the thickness, it is still less than other materials like granite. 22-gauge steel, being the thinnest among other steel, would be cheaper than a thicker one.
  • Cleaning is made easy. Given its nature, you won’t have a hard time cleaning this sink. The surface is non-porous and does not need any harsh soap to clean it. You also don’t have to worry about discoloration from staining liquids. Additionally, the very nature of steel prohibits any bacteria from sticking to the surface.


  • Noisy. You know what steel sounds like when an object hits it. It does not produce a pleasant sound. This is one of the drawbacks of having a stainless steel sink. Sometimes objects slip from your hands, and that loud crashing sound is unavoidable.
  • Not scratch-proof. That heavy material you dropped can create scratch marks on the surface. Not only that, but the abrasive cleaning materials you used for cleaning it can damage it.
  • Water stains and fingerprints. Over time, water can stain this material. Hard water can leave visible calcium deposits in areas that are not wiped dry. 


3. Granite Composite

sink for your bathroom


If you like scratch-free sinks for your bathroom, then you may be looking for granite composite sinks. Granite composite sinks are made from mixing granite and resins. This has the same quality as any sink made of pure granite. A perfect alternative to stainless steel or porcelain sinks.

This sink material is usually installed in various styles such as integrated, top-mount, under-mount, and vessel sink style.


  • Hard as real granite. Granite composites are composed of 80% granite and 20% resin, so this feature is not a surprise. 
  • Resistant to bacteria, and acid. With its bacteria-resistant features, it gives you a sanitary station for washing. This is a perfect sink material to be used in your bathroom, where bacteria naturally reigns. The material is not also affected by the chemical composition of household cleaners or other acidic materials.
  • Natural look. Like sinks made from stones, granite composite sinks have that classy, natural stone look. Perfect combination with your stone resin or wood countertops.


  • Issues with chipping. Although granite is made using extreme heat, this does not mean that it is completely immune to heat. So it’s not a smart move to place down your hairdryer while it is still on.
  • Limited choices of finishes. Unfortunately, granite composites do not give you much freedom in color choice. It is only made with a matte finish, so it’s not recommended for people who want a glossy look.
  • Expensive. Having this luxurious sink comes at a premium price. Although composite granite is less expensive than pure granite sinks, there are cheaper options out there. As an example, stainless steel sinks provide the same durability while being affordable.

4. Ceramic

sink for your bathroom


This smooth material is one of the most common materials for bathroom sinks. It is made by heating clay and molding it into a sink. Due to its smooth surface, it gives off aesthetic vibes to your bathroom. 

There are a variety of sink styles this material can be used for, namely, top-mount, under-mount, farmhouse, and vessel sink. Just be careful with its installation, as it can easily get cracked or chipped.


  • Immune to dents and scratches. Ceramic sinks are not prone to dents and scratches. So you won’t have to worry about dropping your hairdryer on this material. Although you can’t dent ceramic sinks, it does not mean that they can’t crack from heavy blows. It’s better to just put that hair dryer away from your bathroom sink.
  • Wide range of colors to choose from. One of the best features of a ceramic sink is that it can be molded into different shapes or sizes. So if you ever need a small bathroom sink, consider having it made from ceramic.
  • Maintaining it is easy. Being waterproof is one of its properties that is attractive to homeowners. That smooth and glossy surface does not need heavy-duty cleaning.


  • Problems with durability. A glaze is added to ceramic sinks for protection. But over time, this glaze will begin to fade. Once it gets compromised, it results in chipping or cracking. And when an area breaks off, you’ll notice discoloration surrounding it.
  • Bad for the environment. Sustainability isn’t one of the best features of ceramic sinks. The process of making this sink uses a lot of energy, making it harmful to the environment.
  • Prices vary greatly. While there are affordable ones, some ceramic sinks have double the price of other materials.


5. Porcelain

sink for your bathroom


For a more traditional and old-fashioned look, you should consider buying a porcelain sink. Just like ceramic, it is a type of pottery and made with the same materials. In retrospect, porcelain is made from finer clay, mixed with some metal, glass, and sand. It is best installed as a top-mount, but it can also work as an under-mount, or vessel sink.


  • Highly durable. As they are made with extreme heat and pressure, they turn out to be more durable than their ceramic counterpart. They don’t easily crack with moderate blows. Not only that, but they also don’t get scratch marks easily.
  • Very affordable. If you have a very tight budget, you can always go for porcelain sinks. Much like stainless steel and concrete sinks, this material can be bought at a very affordable price.  


  • Prone to chipping. Because it contains other materials such as glass, it’s sensitive to chipping or cracking. With this in mind, you might not want to put too many heavy materials on your sink. 
  • Not completely stain-free. While it is waterproof, some chemical contents, such as your nail polish, can leave stains on it. So it’s best to wipe that polish spill right away before it dries. Unless you want to make it look like someone lost a finger with red nail polish splattered on its surface.



Most say that a bathroom is a sacred place. It is where most people reflect, contemplate, and even escape the harsh world out there. And because of this, the design should make us feel at peace. 

Don’t forget about your sink, as most people have. One small detail can change the overall look of your bathroom. So it’s best to choose your materials carefully. With the right kind, you’ll see how your sink will transform the overall look and vibe of your bathroom.


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