Relevant Authorities and Service Providers You Need to Inform When Moving

While it can be really exciting to start fresh in a new home, it’s equally time-consuming and stressful to get there. Moving is a lot of work, and before you pack your first box, you have to inform the relevant authorities of your move, whether it’s out-of-state or out-of-country. Here are some important people and entities you need to inform when moving and why you need to do so:


Local Government

Moving house will likely affect your local council tax banding, so it is worth checking with them to see if you need an address change. In most cases, you’ll need to change your council tax address to fit your new moving location but check with your local council for their specific requirements.

Drivers License Authority

If you have a driver’s license, moving could require extra steps. If moving to a new location requires more driving, it may be worth applying for an updated license with the DMV.

A driver’s license in the U.S. also acts as a piece of identification, so moving may also require a driver’s license update so you can enjoy an easy time in your new location.

Post Office Service Provider

The post office is an essential service provider for moving house, especially if you’re moving overseas. If moving to another country, it could be required that your passport details are changed because people need proof of their current location to travel abroad.

This can take a few weeks to process, and moving home in the meantime would be a hassle, so it’s best to inform the post office as soon as possible.

Landlord or Estate Agents

Letting your landlord or estate agent know when moving out of your current property is also very important for moving house. It’s essential to give them enough time to find a new tenant before you move out.

If moving home when your tenancy agreement isn’t up, it’s best to inform the landlord in writing and provide the correct notice period. This helps alleviate any issues that may arise later on when you’re ready to leave.

Informing the landlord about your departure early also allows you ample time to organize for a cleanup exercise in time and leave things in order.

Utility Companies

Utility companies like water, gas, and electricity need to know about your new address as well. It’s essential to inform them, as moving may affect your service, and you don’t want to risk losing it or having issues with payments later on.

If you’re moving across the country, it might be challenging to keep some of these utility service providers, and you may need to find new ones. In this case, you’ll still inform the utility companies that you’ll no longer need their services, and they’ll take care of canceling the contract for you.

Moving Companies

When moving house, it’s essential to keep in mind that different moving companies offer different services and will charge their rates based on the size and weight of your goods and distance traveled.

If you’re unsure which moving company to choose, you can always compare moving rates and services on various websites. Companies like Osmon Moving and Storage can help you move your properties safely at affordable prices for short- and long-distance moving needs.

You should always strive to inform as many relevant parties as possible when moving. This will save both time and money, as it is common for moving companies to charge you additional fees if they have to stop work to give a person or service provider information.

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