Roof Maintenance: 5 Reasons You Need to Regularly Inspect Your Roof

A couple of antennas got married on a roof once after falling madly in love. The marriage ceremony was pretty average, but the reception was fantastic!

OK, roof jokes aside, we have to say it’s easy for us to take for granted the roof over our heads. After all, they keep us dry, warm, and safe throughout the year. We tend to overlook the fact that roofs don’t last forever.

If you don’t regularly inspect your roof, you run the risk of it losing its structural integrity, which can affect other parts of the building too. And when you’ve let the damage set it, the costs for roof maintenance and repair can skyrocket!

So now let’s look at five reasons why you should inspect your roof on a regular basis. Let’s do this!


1. Maintenance Damage

A lot of the time aircon units are on your roof. This is true for commercial and residential buildings. And, of course, these units need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently.

When you get maintenance contractors on your roof, damage can occur. Even walking on the roof can cause problems. However, more often than not, these contractors bring tools and machinery onto the roof which can cause more damage.

2. Your Roof Is Aging

Like most things, your roof ages and becomes damaged over time. Therefore, one of the best roof maintenance tips we can provide you with is to get it checked at least every five years.

Snow, frost, debris, and critters running around your roof can all contribute to damage. Weathering from rainstorms and even the sun can damage your roof too.


Roof Maintenance: 5 Reasons You Need to Regularly Inspect Your Roof


3. Plant Growth

It’s a good idea to get a roof inspection if you notice plant growth on your roof. When your roof gets damp, seeds that fall onto it can sprout and start causing havoc over time growing in the cracks.

Thus, when considering roof maintenance for homeowners, make sure to clear this plant growth. Or, get a professional to come to do it, unless you’re planning on having a green roof.

4. Roof Drainage

If your roof’s drainage isn’t functioning properly, you may start to see pooling on your roof. Or, water might be finding other ways down rather than through your drainage system.

If water is flowing inside your roof, serious damage can occur. Not only will the roof be jeopardized, but the water could also affect the structural integrity of your building.

5. Broken Tiles

If you notice any broken tiles on your roof, you need to call in a roofing company to carry out roof repair right away. If not, you could experience leaks and water damage, as we mentioned above.

All your tiles need to be intact for your roof to function as it should. Our best advice is don’t leave it any sooner than you can to get your tiles fixed!


Don’t Neglect Professional Roof Maintenance 

If you don’t get your roof checked on a regular basis, you may end up paying a lot more in the long run for a full replacement. Or, at the very least, your roof maintenance bill might be much higher than you ever expected.

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