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Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love

Do you spend most of your time in the kitchen? Transforming your space into a rustic farmhouse style will elevate your experience there. Plus even a modest but well-chosen kitchen upgrade can give you a 52% return on investment!

Read on to discover rustic farmhouse kitchen ideas that will make your gathering place a delight!


Clean Lines Define a Rustic Farmhouse Style

Many rustic farmhouse-style ideas take root in the Shaker style. The clean lines and minimal ornamentation make this style open and welcoming.

Along the same lines, white — or light gray — should be your dominant color to achieve a rustic farmhouse style. It won’t compete with any other more intense colors you use as accents.

White cabinets will make any space seem bigger — and keep the ambiance light and airy. Paint any neighboring walls white or light gray to keep the overall tone bright.

Using subway tile for a backsplash is an easy way to introduce some defined lines and angles. To go a step further, choose black grout to create some contrast. Likewise, you may want quartz or granite countertops with a more defined texture to add some variety.


Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love
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Show Off the Natural Beauty of Wood

A rustic farmhouse kitchen should highlight the natural essence of the materials. Wide plank wood floors in a lighter stain will show off the beauty of the wood grain. Or you can use shiplap to construct an accent wall or ceiling.

Does your kitchen have an eating area? If so, make a rustic farmhouse table your centerpiece. Go with tapered legs to update the look, or turned legs for a style that harkens back to a vintage rustic style.

If you can spring for a natural cherry or maple, you’ll be rewarded with a sturdy table that exudes warmth. Pine and reclaimed wood represent more economical choices that will still look stunning.


Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love
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Accessorize in a Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

With wood and white as your dominant elements, you’ll want to use accessories to add focal points. These can include plants, pictures, shelves, or other types of rustic farmhouse decor.

If space allows, add a rustic wooden shelf and line it with tinted glass pitchers. Or arrange some black and white family pictures framed in teal for a subtle burst of color.

Place potted green ferns or succulents along windowsills or in plant stands. Hang some stained glass in one of your windows or adorn the walls with a fresh photograph of your favorite foods.

Tie sashes to the backs of chairs or stools. Or add burlap or tweed seat covers to wooden kitchen chairs for a more subtle addition of texture.


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Image credit: Jean Allshop


Create the Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen You Deserve

A rustic farmhouse kitchen perfectly blends strength, warmth, and functionality. Natural wood paired with white cabinets will provide a sturdy and fresh aesthetic. Add pops of contrast with black or charcoal, and use some greenery to provide color.

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