Secret Spots: The Hidden Gems Of Tel Aviv

The worst feeling after a vacation is always the fear that you missed out on something amazing. Like it or not, even if you are simply visiting a city like Tel Aviv, you will never get to see it all – unless you were planning on visiting for a couple of years rather than weeks, that is!

Having said that, there are ways to alleviate the feeling of missing out, especially if you’re willing to step off the beaten track and visit places that don’t feature in the tourist leaflets.

A lot of the mistakes holiday-makers make are visiting the tourist hotspots and neglecting all of the more natural, untalked-about destinations. But you are far more likely to feel content with your holiday if you give yourself a wide berth of the country itself. With this in mind, here are five secret gems which can give  you a wide berth of Tel Aviv and the experiences inside it:


Neve Tsedek

Lying just southeast of the Yemenite quarter, Neve Tsedek is considered to be one of Tel Aviv’s prettiest districts, and yet it doesn’t often appear in many of the “top things to do ” lists. Just wandering around the colorful buildings, narrow streets, and cultured restaurants is a great way to spend an afternoon and feel infused with the local community. You’ll wonder how you could ever have missed it.

Ilana Goor Museum

In the 1980s, local artist Ilana Goor bought a 300-year-old building in Jaffa and restored it to its original glory. It is now a beautiful, modern museum full of art pieces and sculptures. If you go there and explore, you can get a taste of Jewish art and even become a bit inspired yourself. If you like what you see, click on home page – israeli centre and find out about more Israeli artists and the sort of work they are doing to depict their beautiful country.

Carmel Market

Often avoided due to how busy the market gets, Carmel – also known as Shuk Hacarmel – is a brilliant, vibrant experience that you simply can’t miss out on. It is full of stalls and shops, each selling fish, meat, vegetables, candy, and just about anything you can think of! It has a distinct middle-eastern style atmosphere, making it a perfect place if you want to experience more of the culture and really step outside of your comfort zone.

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

A bus station, we hear your question. How is that a secret gem?  Well, actually, this station is notorious for its strange design, secret passageways, and resident bat colony. Technically, it’s a result of poor design and planning, but you would never know this maze wasn’t made on purpose!

There are tours of the more desolate areas and plenty to get your teeth into as an urban explorer – whether that’s old, abandoned cinemas, disused platforms, or strange corridors that lead to nowhere. The society inside the bus station is not all good, however, so be sure to travel in numbers and stick to your tour guide.

Suspended Orange Tree

Jaffa’s Old Town is already a beautiful spot to visit and explore, but it becomes even more so when you hear about the mystical, floating tree that resides in the center. Technically, the tree is actually suspended by chains, hanging around one foot in the air, but, to the naked eye, it looks as if the tree has broken free of its roots and is simply floating in the warm, old city breeze. It’s definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for something a bit different and – possibly – magic.


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