Sell Antiques Online: 5 Pro Tips to Make Money from Antiques

Your 1966 Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Suburban has been gathering dust in your home garage for some time. Although you still cruise in the car occasionally, you reckon it has seen better days, and it’s about time to let it go. Or perhaps it’s a piece of heirloom jewelry, furniture, or timepiece that you want to part ways with.

It doesn’t matter the types of antiques you seek to dispose of. It’s reassuring to know that you can trade these items for extra bucks. And depending on the commodity’s age and sentimental value, it could fetch thousands of dollars.

The internet offers the best opportunities for making money from selling antiques. The challenge usually lies in finding the best bargains.

This article explores the top five pro tips for making money online selling antiques.


1.   Determine If You Truly Want To Sell Your Antique

Selling an antique is not a decision you want to make on a whim. So, the very first step to selling antiques online is to determine whether you really want to part with the item.

The main reason people dispose of their antiques is when they’re cash-strapped and need some quick bucks to get out of the fix. But while trading the item may fetch you enough cash to come out of debt, it should be a last-resort decision.

Instead of selling your antiques now, you might want to restore them first, a process known as upcycling.

Upcycling an antique serves two essential purposes. It increases the item’s curb appeal and its market value. Secondly, it allows you ample time to decide whether to sell the antique or continue holding on to it.


Sell Antiques Online: 5 Pro Tips to Make Money from Antiques


2.   Research The Item’s Worth

The assumption here is that you’ve decided to sell your antique. The next logical thing to do is research the item’s worth.

You may consider walking physically around your local flea market and pretend to be a shopper looking for the very antique you’re seeking to sell. After hopping across five outlets, you’ll have a rough idea of how much you stand to make from the item.

But since combing your local flea market can be a long and tedious process, you can consider doing it online. A simple search for the phrase “antique shops near me” will turn up scores of retail outlets where you can check the general prices of the item you’re seeking to sell.

3.   Get Your Antique Appraised

An appraisal is a vital requirement before selling antiques online. It involves getting an industry expert to estimate the financial worth of your antique.

There’s a simple procedure on how to get art and collectibles appraised online. But it mostly boils down to finding the best online appraisal services.

The conventional wisdom is to choose a company that deals specifically in art and collectibles. It’s also prudent to select an online antique appraisal company with a reasonably long industry presence and enjoys tons of positive feedback from its clients.

Most importantly, insist on appraisal services that issue you with a certificate for tangible proof of your antique’s worth. This will give you the upper hand while pitching the item to potential buyers.


Sell Antiques Online: 5 Pro Tips to Make Money from Antiques


4.   Find a Listing Platform

The internet teems with e-commerce websites and marketplaces that let you list your antique for sale. But how do you choose the best site?

First off, consider platforms like eBay or Etsy, which offer dedicated online antique selling services.

The next step is to opt for sites with the most active members, monthly traffic, and geographical availability. You want your listing to be visible to many potential buyers.

It’s also important to check a company’s shipping and return policy before listing your antique on their platform. Prioritize websites that take care of shipping logistics and impose stringent return policies on the buyers.

There are also cost considerations. If you want maximum profits from your antiques, consider websites that let you list for free. The site should also charge reasonable commissions on sales. Most importantly, there shouldn’t be hidden charges.

Lastly, choose an online antique website that implements flexible and secure payment options. That’s the only way you’ll be assured of your earnings once you check off the item as sold.


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5.   List Your Antique for Sale

After honing on the best e-commerce website to sell your antique, the next logical step is to list the item for sale.

Draft a short but compelling product description highlighting the item’s features and benefits to the potential buyer.

Also, accompany the product description with clear pictures of the antique. You might even upload a video snippet if the website allows it. Buyers are more than twice likely to purchase products that come with clear photo and video descriptions.

And in the interest of transparency, ensure your product description highlights any blemishes the antique may have.

Lastly, set your price and choose a payment option. The price should be industry-competitive, not suspiciously high or low.



Selling antiques online is not a walk in the park. But the process is also not as complicated as most people would imagine.

It mainly consists of establishing your antique’s worth through professional appraisal services and finding a reliable platform to list it on.


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