Shaker Kitchen Inspiration for Summer 2022

We adore shaker kitchens. The style and functionality combined are perfect for a kitchen environment. After all, who says practical can’t be beautiful, too? 

If you’re lusting after a new kitchen, why not consider the shaker trend? It’s simple, timeless and so stylish. Shaker kitchens have been around since the mid-18th century, and it’s not hard to see why. 

We’ve got some shaker kitchen inspiration that will have you picking out paint samples and worktops before you’re done reading. 


Nature-inspired color palettes


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First, stop – color trends. This year we’re seeing some beautiful bright and natural colors making their way to the top of interior designers’ lists. Perfect for summer, we’re loving sunshine yellow, muted sage, and the Dulux Colour of the Year Bright Skies (a gorgeous light and airy shade of blue). So, even if you’re stuck inside while outside it’s pouring rain, at least you can look around and enjoy some summery colors to brighten your day. 

These shades are perfect for shaker-style kitchens. The original shaker kitchens featured primary colors, such as blue and yellow, as well as other natural shades. The Shakers (who are credited with inventing the style) used natural plants and dyes to mix color palettes for their beautiful wooden kitchen cabinets, while leaving their walls white and unadorned, creating a striking contrast. 

With a traditional shaker kitchen, it’s important to start with a neutral color base before going on to introduce brighter tones. Lighter shades are great for making kitchens feel brighter and airier – perfect for making the most of that summer sunlight. However, many designers are increasingly going bold with their shaker kitchen color choices, using navy, forest green, and even black for their cabinetry.


Sturdy, rustic countertops

Shaker Kitchen Inspiration for Summer 2022

A few years ago, granite was the go-to material for countertops. And while we still think it looks stylish, other materials are starting to gain popularity. And rightly so. One of these, in particular, is butcher block (or wooden) countertops.

These worktops are sturdy, and durable and give off a traditional, rustic aesthetic. They pair perfectly with shaker-style kitchen cabinets. And, provided you take proper care of the wood, they’ll last you for years to come. Oak and walnut are great choices for wooden worktops. 

Not sure about replacing your countertops or committing to butcher block just yet? Why not just incorporate it into your kitchen island? 

Another great option for countertops that is all the rage right now is a marble. Elegant and luxurious, marble looks stunning in any kitchen – especially shaker-style kitchens. Plus, it works well with most color schemes. So, you can’t go wrong with marble. White marble is lovely and light – perfect for a summery kitchen environment. But black or dark grey veined marble can offer a nice contrast against white or neutral walls and cabinets

Vintage furniture

With shaker kitchens being very simple and traditional, you’ll want yours to have a little something to make it unique. To stand out from the crowd. A piece of vintage kitchen furniture will look great in a shaker kitchen. A vintage farm table instead of a kitchen island, perhaps. Or a hutch where you can store all your plates, glasses and other tableware. Shaker kitchens are all about functionality, so something that is practical, as well as stylish, is ideal. 


Replace cabinet handles 

Shaker Kitchen Inspiration for Summer 2022


A really fun, simple way to add a touch of interest and personality to your shaker kitchen this summer is by adding new cabinet handles. Natural materials such as leather or wood look great. As well as more industrial options such as brass. Or, if you’re feeling a little bit quirky, how about some fun, patterned knobs to bring some flair to your kitchen space? 

Modern country style

According to Woman & Home, modern country-style kitchens are growing in popularity this summer. As more people move away to the countryside (or dream of it), country-style kitchens are becoming the style of choice to create that country vibe.

Natural materials such as wood and stone, paired with modern appliances, stylish lighting, and metallic accents make for a cozy yet eye-catching design you can’t help but fall in love with. 


These days, we’re all looking to live a bit more sustainably. To minimize our impact on the world around us. Sustainability features heavily in modern kitchen trends. A shaker kitchen is the perfect example of sustainability. The Shakers used locally sourced wood for their signature kitchen cabinets.

An in-frame shaker kitchen won’t go out of style and will last for many, many years. If your tastes change, you can simply update your shaker kitchen with a different paint shade and some new handles for a simple, affordable and most importantly sustainable transformation. Easy, yet effective. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start envisioning your new shaker kitchen in time for summer. Get creative and have some fun. Let us know how you get on!


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