Shipping Container Home Design Ideas

Last updated on March 22nd, 2022

People everywhere are turning to shipping container homes for their affordability, their uniqueness, and because they are an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice of living style.

Still, when people mention a steel-frame cargo shipping container as a base for their home, some might wonder how on earth that is viable and safe, and question if it could feasibly look any good on that beautiful patch of land.  

We’ve searched around and found some of the best and most chique shipping container home design ideas to inspire the part of your brain that wants to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Keep reading below to see how you can design a spacious and modern dream home by conveniently upcycling shipping containers.


The Shipping Container Tiny Home

1 Shipping Container Home Design Ideas

Image Source:(89) Pinterest


The word ‘tiny’ in a house doesn’t often leave much room for imagination. But when you need to create space, there are so many creative tips and tricks around to help you achieve this.

If you’ve had the pleasure of entering a tiny home, then you already know what looks tiny on the outside is often more spacious on the inside, and most people who live in tiny homes often prefer to spend their time enjoying the delights of the outdoors.

This tiny shipping container home, designed by Cargo Home, creates space in ways you never knew existed.

By using the right furniture, the perfect layout, hidden storage compartments, and bright colors inside to open up the space, Cargo Home has constructed something special.


Modern Shipping Container Elegance

Shipping Container Home Design IdeasImage Source:(89) Pinterest


Would you know this contemporary home was built from shipping containers if you walked past it? We doubt it.

What once was used for hauling freight and cargo across the ocean, is now being remodeled into stylish homes for living in.

Although constructed from something old, shipping containers have the advantage of being converted into something that looks brand new, and as good as your creative dreams will allow. You do not have to forgo elegance, style, and sophistication when shipping container designs allow the flexibility for modern comforts.

Where shipping containers used to be limited in their architectural developments, they are now providing a diverse and welcoming challenge to meeting new demands in reducing costs, providing efficient use of energy, and transforming recyclables into what we call, luxury.


The Cabin in the Woods

Shipping Container Home Design IdeasImage Source:(89) Pinterest


The thought of owning a vacation cabin crosses many minds as being too expensive and far from a livable dream. That is until shipping container homes came along.

Now, with affordable homes trending, you could have a shipping container cabin home just like this beauty.  

Think of cozy nights by the fire, the kids enjoying the outdoors, collecting firewood, wine and cheese, weekend getaways with friends, fishing, tanning by the lake, and coming back to your shipping container cabin in the woods to relax and enjoy the peaceful comfort it offers the whole family.

Like this one, many smaller container home designs only offer one bedroom but the space can be designed to sleep more people if you utilize the right furniture and layout.

This gorgeous, nature-inspired container home was built by The Box Hop, who promote simple living, nature, and rest. Though with what they have created here, we don’t see anything modest about this shipping container splendor.


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High Ceiling Charm

Shipping Container Home Design Ideas

Image Source: Glassberg Container House | BNIM


With numerous sizes and shapes available, you can purchase shipping containers that allow you to use your creative energy wisely.

Using high ceiling containers, large windows, skylights, and double doors can allow for more natural light and ventilation in ordinary and small spaces. Thus, giving what was once an ordinary room, the apparent feel of a much bigger and brighter room.

This construction method, combined with the use of bright colors, modern furniture, and the general outlook of ‘less is more’, can create an airy and light atmosphere in a shipping container dwelling that one might have thought impossible with such a drab steel frame.

The Glassberg container house is built from five upcycled shipping containers and consists of two bedrooms, an office space, full-size kitchen, dining, and living areas, and a rooftop garden and patio.

While the blue-painted interior and exterior walls promote clarity and a welcoming and calming atmosphere, you might find yourself feeling as if you’re in a lavish Malibu beach house with the chosen elemental designs in this shipping container home.


Simple Sanctuary Shipping Container Home

5 Shipping Container Home Design Ideas

Image Source: (90) Pinterest


When people use the word ‘simplistic’ in interior and exterior design, it’s often a term of endearment and is used as a compliment. This simple rustic shipping container home design is the perfect example.

In this case, when we say simple, we mean picturesque and artfully charming, which aren’t two words usually associated with used cargo containers, but here we are.

The navy-blue exterior adds a neutral and welcoming elegance to the rustic allure of this shipping container home while the natural dark wood trimmings complement the landscape and add curb appeal to this small yet interesting shipping container residence.

The interior promotes a warm and inviting sanctuary with bright white and earthy colors combined, along with a wood burner and finishing touches that add a bohemian appeal to this chic hideout. 

The Right Shipping Container Home Design for You

The 21st century has become a gateway to defining the future of our planet and shipping container homes are becoming a normal choice around the globe to offer people financial freedom, and peace of mind, that what they’re building is ecological for our earth through recycling and reusing what we can.

You can design your shipping container home with however many shipping containers you like. You can stack them, you can halve them, you get to let your wild and creative side take over and design something that matches your character, and the best part is that they can be made portable too.

Whether it’s elegance, bohemian, simple, rustic, fun, whatever the vibe, the right shipping container home design for you, is whatever you want it to be.

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