Should I Repair or Replace My Roof? How to Decide

Do you think you should repair or replace your roof? One of the elements of our home is the roofing. When it has damage, it’s difficult to know if it needs repairs or a replacement. One factor that tells you if you need to repair or replace your roof is your roof life cycle. However, the life cycle is not the only factor to know if it needs a replacement. If your roof has sustained significant damage, replacing it is the answer. Here are a few ways to know if your roofing needs a repair or replacement. Read what we have below and learn more.


Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are the common reason why homeowners will need to repair or replace the roof. When you find water stains across the wall or ceiling, you need to find the source of the leak fast. Depending on the severity of the source, getting a roof repair can fix it for you.

Age of the Roof

Roofing can benefit us in many ways. This includes protection from the weather and natural home cooling.

When your roof is sagging, grows mold, and has a blister in the shingles, these are the signs of an old roof. If you see this in your roofing, consider replacing the roof.

Depending on the type of roofing that you have, it may last 25 to 30 years. Others last longer depending on the roof maintenance that they do. Conlon Exteriors Inc will help you get the replacement you need and make your roofing good as new.

Missing Roof Shingles

If your area’s prone to typhoons or rains, expect some missing roof shingles. This will cause leaks in your roof and growing molds in some parts of the attic. When there are enough missing shingles, consider replacing your roof.

Not enough repairs can fix the leaks created on the house and the growing mold. Molds, when allowed to grow in the affected area, can affect your health. They affect not only the structural integrity of your home but also the health of the homeowner.

Any Roof Damages

Minor damages, torn or missing parts of the roof will need repairs for it to get resolved. This includes holes made from typhoons, debris, or cracks, and blistering of the shingles will need repairs. Regardless of the severity, this kind of roof damages will need roof repairs.

If the affected part of the roof has moderate damage, partial re-roofing can resolve this. This is still a form of repairs that will not require replacing your roof. Partial re-roofing is a cheaper option for you and a fast way to restore your roof.

Learn When to Repair or Replace Your Roof Today

Your need to repair or replace your roof all depends on your budget. Before you call for a roofing service, inspect the affected area to know your options.

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