Should You Replace or Repair Home Windows?

You’re not sure why it’s so chilly in your home, but here you are, wearing a second blanket. You’re going to get pneumonia at this rate. Upon closer inspection, you find out that the reason for your frozen toes is a draft coming in through your window. You could have sworn you closed it, but it didn’t shut all the way.

This is a common problem with older windows. You can either replace the entire thing or try to fix the damage. The question is, how do you tell if you can repair home windows? When do they become a lost cause? Check out this guide to find out.


Rotted Wood 

If the wood that makes up your window frame isn’t painted the right way or is exposed to high levels of moisture, it will begin to rot.

The good news is that window repair might be possible in this case. If the damage is spotty, you can get by with only fixing the problem areas. You’ll only have to replace it if the entire frame is rotted through.

Broken Panes 

You’re minding your business when all of a sudden, a baseball goes flying through your window. The child responsible apologizes, but that’s not going to replace the glass.

In the case of cracks, chips, and breaks, your only choice will be to call a professional such as Beeson Construction to replace the window. It will cost about 500 dollars for each one.


Should You Replace or Repair Home Windows?


Broken Seals 

As the weather heats up, the seal between your window panes expands and contracts. After a while of this, the seal will break, which will cause your windows to fog.

When this happens, call home window repair near me. They’ll be able to fix the problem in a jiffy at a reasonable cost to you. It’s way cheaper than replacing the entire thing.

Stubborn Windows 

There are a variety of reasons why your windows might not be shutting the way you want them to. The sashes could be painted shut. There might be dirt on the track, or the hardware could simply be old.

Whatever the case, window replacement isn’t necessary. You can repair it unless you can’t find the parts to do so. You’ll need new windows if that happens.

Drafty Windows

You feel like no matter what you do, it’s always chilly in your home. The reason for that might be a draft coming in through your window.

The best solution for this problem is to either opt for energy-efficient panes or seal the gaps around the window that are causing the problem. As you can imagine, the second option is a lot cheaper.


Repair Home Windows or Replace Them? 

Is your home a little on the chilly side? Are your windows not wanting to shut? It might be time to either replace or repair home windows.

The option you go for will depend on the severity of the damage and how much money you have in your pocket.

Fixing your windows is only one home improvement project you can do to make your house more efficient. For even more repair ideas, visit our blog.


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