Simple Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Keep Stinky Household Odors Away

Household odors are common and they can make your lovely designed home unappealing. Lack of cleanliness in your home is not only the reason for stinky household odors but lack of aeration, climatic changes, humidity level, etc. can cause your rooms to develop a musty and stale smell. Even your pets in the house and dirty clothes can bring stinky and weird smells into your home. Want to get rid of bad smells from your house? It is easy! Here, we’ve put together simple cleaning tips and tricks to keep help the stinky household odors away.

Prevent Bathroom Odor

Your bathrooms can get smelly pretty quickly, It may be due to improper cleaning of the rooms, stagnant water around the bathroom sinks, condensation from the shower, unwashed towels and cloths, accumulation of hairs and other waste, overflowing of water, etc. can make stale smell common around the room.

So, the easiest way to add some fragrance to your bathroom is by using an odor eliminator, toilet cleaning gel, Air freshener, essential oils like citrus, lavender, eucalyptus, etc., or by making your own freshener using a combination of essential oil and water. To keep your bathroom area clean and tidy it is also important to keep the bad odor at bay.

Sometimes toilet brush can be really smelly as it is frequently used to clean the toilets, so you can make it clean and smell good by squirting it in some scented mixture of liquid. Such things will help you to keep your bathroom, as well as the area around it, smell fresh and scented.

While on the other hand you also need to have things like bulk toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, stain remover, scrub brush, cleaning cloths, etc. to keep it clean and to maintain hygiene.

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Eliminate Bedroom Smells

Sometimes your bedroom looks clean and tidy but there are certain rotten smells from socks, stinky shoes, and flip-flops. Unwashed dress, smelly mattress, pillow, bed sheets, etc. also makes your entire bedroom stale and smelly.

You can use some room scents like sandalwood, vanilla, and lavender fragrance to keep your room fresh and to make you feel comfortable.  You can also place some cloves and cinnamon in your wardrobe as they help to absorb bad smells and release an amazing natural burst of freshness.

You can place some sliced lemons in a bowl and keep it in the bedroom to release a fresh odor. For the smelly mattress, you need to vacuum your mattress and wash the bed –sheets and pillow cover regularly as they are more prone to sweat.

House Cleaning Tips


Foul-smelling Kitchen

The sink may start to smell bad if it is not cleaned from its exterior, but when the sink is clean even though the smell arises, it means that the drain is releasing the stinking smell. So you can use sodium bicarbonate and vinegar to clean the drain.

Take some sodium bicarbonate and put it on to the drain, followed by some vinegar solution. After 10 to 15 min you can flush the solution with hot water. This will help you to clean the drain and get rid of the accumulation of particles. So it is necessary to have a regular inspection and proper drain cleaning.

In your kitchen, you can easily get rid of cooking smells by using sodium bicarbonate.  You can take some sodium bicarbonate in a bowl and place it on the kitchen countertop overnight, this will help you to eliminate bad smells.

The trash bin in the kitchen smells really nasty as all the leftovers, fruit and vegetable peels, kitchen waste are dumped in the bin. This makes the kitchen smell unpleasant. So you can use some air freshener to make the kitchen smell less unpleasant.

You can add a few drops of essential oil in the bin and also add baking soda to the bin, the baking soda helps to absorb the bad smells and the oil compensates for bad smells from the bin.

In the kitchen many things that we used daily for cooking like microwave ovens, cutting boards, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. These all things give out a smell that is really unpleasant.

House Cleaning Tips



So it is important to wipe out all the remains of food from the microwave and clean it with an oven cleaner. Once the cleaning is complete, you can leave the door open so that it gets dried out quickly and expels air out.

Wooden Cutting Board

To keep the smell at bay you can scrub the cutting board with lemon dipped in salt or by wiping citrus liquid. You can also opt for cutting boards made of plastic.


The refrigerator should be cleaned regularly, remove all the unwanted things from the fridge, keep all the things properly arranged, store strong smell things and leftovers in an air-tight container so that your refrigerator does not smell stale.


For a dishwasher to maintain it properly and prevent it from giving out a bad smell, you can rinse all the dishes normally in water before placing it in the dishwasher so as to prevent food from sticking and smelling bad.

These are some of the tips and ways to keep stinky household odors at bay and make you feel a refreshing air and keeps you comfortable.



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