Six Tips for Hiring a General Contractor

Do you intend to begin a construction project? If so, it’s time you know how to find the right general contractor.

There are many red flags that you have hired the wrong contractor for your project. A wrong general contractor will mess up your project. You may also face legal actions.

A professional general contractor will ensure the smooth construction of your project. You will save a lot of money and time in the long run.

You may be wondering, “How can I find a good general contractor near me?” Keep reading to learn about six tips for hiring a general contractor for your needs.


1. Consider the Cost

General contractor’s pricing is not something to overlook. Building projects are costly – you need enough money.

Being overcharged is not something you want. So, it’s important to get quotes from several general contractors.

Ask the general contractor to provide you with a full price breakdown first. This will include labor costs, material, and transportation expenses.

Being clear on the costs will help you create a reasonable budget. By this, you can avoid being financially overwhelmed during your project’s construction.

You should get the cost breakdown before signing any contract. This will protect you from any financial exploitation.

Several things determine the costs charged by general contractors. One of them is the type of construction project. For instance, commercial general contractors are more costly than residential general contractors.

The size of your project may also determine the cost. Larger projects are more costly than small-sized projects.

The project’s location may also determine the associated costs. If your project is in a remote location, you’ll definitely spend more. This is because of the challenges of bringing the construction materials to the site.

2. Review the Contract

Don’t rush to sign a construction contract without knowing what it contains. It is legally binding to ensure the success of your project.

Reviewing the contract will protect you financially. The general contractor will not add the prices during the construction process.

Make sure that the contract is written. Written contracts provide proof of the agreement.

There are types of construction contracts you need to know about.

The first one is the lump sum contract. This outlines the fixed prices charged by the general contractor.

Time and materials contract is the other consideration. It outlines the materials your construction project will need. It also states when the general contractor will start and possibly complete the project.

Cost-plus contracts are also necessary. These outline the costs to be incurred during the construction of your building. These may include labor and travel expenses.

Unit Price and Guaranteed maximum price contracts are other considerations. These will save you from spending more than the agreed price.


Six Tips for Hiring a General Contractor

3. Do Thorough Homework

Being a snap decision will mess you up. A construction project isn’t a simple project – avoid haste decisions.

Take time to know more about general contractors. This will save you from hiring unqualified personnel.

Doing due diligence will also protect you from fraudsters. You will easily find a trustworthy and reputable general contractor.

There are ways of researching a general contractor. One of them is getting recommendations from other people. Take time to consult close friends and family about the best general contractor.

A professional general contractor should have a reliable website. Reading their online reviews will also give you adequate information.

You can also get referrals from other professionals in the construction industry. For example, architects will recommend you the best general contractor.

Don’t forget to do phone interviews. It’s by this you can know the contractor’s reliability.

Thorough homework will also lead you to experienced general contractors. Blue/Stone Builders is the general contractor you need for quality Home Renovation Services and successful completion of your project.

4. Check License and Credentials

You need to be sure that you’re hiring a well-trained general contractor. There are reasons to consider a general contractor license.

For one, it’s an assurance of quality. Licensed general contractors are well-trained. So, they have great expertise and skills.

A general contractor license will also save you from possible legal actions. Licensed contractors understand the local laws – they follow all the safety standards.

Don’t forget to check the general contractor’s academic qualifications. Ensure that the contractor you’re hiring has a diploma or degree in project management or construction engineering.

A general contractor oversees the whole construction of a building. So, hire a contractor with great leadership and problem-solving abilities.

5. Consider a Construction Warranty

Sometimes the general contractor may do shoddy work. Low-quality construction materials may also be used.

Warranties will save you from any damage resulting from these causes. There are construction warranties to consider.

A material warranty is the first one. This will cover the costs resulting from the use of defective construction materials.

Call back warranties are other considerations. They cover costs resulting from poor construction work.

Workmanship and design-build warranties are also key considerations. They also cover costs resulting from the contractors’ poor performance.

These warranties will save you a lot of money in case of uncertainties.


Six Tips for Hiring a General Contractor


6. Check Insurance

The construction of a project comes with many risks. The general contractor may sustain injuries. Your project may also get ruined.

Financial protection is key when hiring a general contractor. A good general contractor should have insurance coverage.

Ensure that the contractor has workers’ compensation insurance. This is necessary for protecting the workers. You will not have to spend extra costs in case the contractor sustains injuries while on the job.

You should also consider general liability insurance. It will protect your other properties during the project’s construction.

Construction projects also pollute the environment. To avoid this liability, consider pollution liability insurance when hiring the contractor.


 Choose the Best General Contractor

Not all general contractors you come across can meet your needs. Finding the right general contractor can be stressful.

Don’t rush to choose a general contractor for your project. These tips will guide you to hire the best service for your needs.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the best general contractor. Keep checking our website for more informative blogs.

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