Small Space Organization: How to Organize a Small Apartment

Making a home into your own is one of the best feelings. But sometimes you might feel stifled with what you can do because of square feet limitations. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you can’t properly organize your belongings. Want to learn tips and tricks to organize a small apartment? You’re in the right place! Here are a few small space organization tips that will make the difference.


Make Use of Wall Space

Walls can be a useful asset in small space organizations. Usually, they’re the first component you think about when you want to decorate your space. Yet, in a small space, you can maximize them in many ways to reduce congestion.

Installing floating shelves on the wall can help bring some order as well as decorate your space. Shelves on your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen walls can provide extra space. If you’re creative, your shelf designs can act as statement pieces.

Swap Traditional for Dual Purpose Furniture

Multifunctional furniture should be a top consideration during a small space organization. The furniture serves more than one purpose and can help ease congestion in any space.

You can use a sofa bed in your living room to host visitors and provide them with sleeping space at night. You’ll avoid congesting your area which saves space plus money.

Using dual-purpose furniture is a no-brainer when moving into your first apartment. You’re buying most items for the first time so buy with your space in mind. Create a plan to replace redundant furniture if you’re clearing out an existing home.


Organize a Small Apartment


Customize Existing Storage Space

If you’re short on space, adding new cabinets can be obstructive. One of the better organization hacks is to maximize existing storage. You can improve cabinets with a few adjustments to fulfill their storage potential.

Your home might seem small but has endless storage that you could put into better use. Think about how you can customize kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets, and wardrobes.

You can increase storage capacity with custom cabinet inserts. Also, if shelves leave some space on top of items, consider readjusting them and adding in more layers. You can also use shelf risers to create extra space within each shelf.

Cabinet sides are one of the spaces that go wasted. They can be extra useful by adding hooks, shelves, or storage racks. This is one of the simplest organizational tricks to put in place.

Integrate Storage Cabinets in Your Furniture

Furniture items often consume a lot of space in a home. Be it a bed, coffee table, or sofa, you’re likely to struggle to fit it in a small space. The secret to improving organization is to make sure your furniture supports your storage needs.

Buy sofas that integrate storage cabinets underneath. Sometimes you can repurpose existing sofas by adding cabinets. By doing this, you’ll create a convenient storage space for items that might clutter your living room.

You can use the same organizational hacks for your coffee tables and beds. The space underneath the beds can accommodate handy cabinets to declutter your rooms.

Other than that, consider using convertible furniture. Pieces like these free up space during the day for other purposes. You can use the same room for different purposes.


Organize a Small Apartment


Set Up Corner Shelves to Produce Extra Storage

One of the most straightforward organizational tips anyone can make use of is corner shelves. Crafting and installing a corner shelf takes minutes. They are simple wooden slabs or a shelving system that you only need to set up in any of your house’s corners.

You can use corner shelves in any room. They suit any room unless you’re using them to decorate your space. You have to find a design that suits room aesthetics when using them for decoration purposes.

A corner shelf can provide unimaginable storage space in any home. You can use it to store books and integrate a reading nook or home office next to it. You can also use it for purposes like a planters holder or an ornamental holding rack.

Declutter Often

Even the best organizational tips may not boost your space if you don’t declutter often. Decluttering brings order to your space by keeping everything where it belongs.

Declutter first when you want to organize or decorate your space. Always take immediate action after picking or bringing something into your home. Then, make up your mind whether you’ll keep, discard or donate it.

Name boxes for the things you want to discard or donate. The faster you get rid of unwanted things, the easier it is to keep your home organized.

Practice Minimalism

Sometimes your space may seem congested even after decluttering efforts. In this case, few organizational hacks can help you. Chances are you’ve piled up stuff over the years and there’s a chance you don’t use it all.

One small space organizational hack that can help you is practicing minimalism. Minimalism is a necessity when your space is small. There’s little you can include in your space and you need to focus on a few things.

Minimalism involves trimming down to bare essentials and aiming for functionality. After decluttering, you need to cut down your items to only what you need. Sometimes you overlook decorating your space for the sake of form and functionality.


efwr3 Organize a Small Apartment


Be Picky When Buying New Stuff

The temptation to buy things can be irresistible regardless of your space. Unfortunately, some of these things can junk up your place over time. Become choosy when purchasing new items for effective small space organization.

Consider your space and whether you indeed need to buy an item before purchasing. Avoid buying items for pleasure and think about the impact they’ll bring to your space. If a thing is necessary, take into account its size.

Being picky is somehow like being a minimalist. You’re focused on practical items that you need in your items. For example, a bedroom might have a multipurpose bed and a decluttered wardrobe only.

Take Advantage of These Small Space Organization Tips

Small space organization can seem like an impossible battle. But whether you’re moving for the first time or your family has outgrown your home, there’s hope. With these tips, you can transform any small space into an attractive, homely space.

Take the time to create the space you want using what you have. You’ll be surprised what you can pull off! For more tips and advice on home and decor, check out the rest of our blog.

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