Speedmaster Moonwatch: Is It Worth It?

There’s no need to introduce the Speedmaster Moonwatch. It was the first watch to reach the Moon and a part of the popular iconography and watchmaking in the 20th century. Since Omega is aware of this, the watch has barely changed following the NASA version in the mid-1960s.

There are a lot of Speedmaster references, with a variety of finishes, materials, and technological innovations. In contrast, the original Speedmaster Moonwatch has been the same for over fifty years, keeping the technical aspects as old as the manual winding movement or the plastic crystal that covers the dial.

The Omega Speedmaster was a success in the society who wanted a wristwatch with a modern, distinct and powerful design that went with an advanced, unique, and unusual lifestyle. This was certainly common among car racing drivers, but also among other types of drivers who were embarking on a very different new career, like astronauts.


The latest Speedmaster

Omega has renewed its legendary watch. The caliber it carried had even become too old-fashioned for the quality standards that the firm handles. The problem has been solved with the addition of the new caliber 3861. The structure is very similar to the previous one, including manual winding (you still have to turn the crown for the watch to work).

Plus, it has improved the exclusive Omega Co-Axial escapement and incorporated elements that ensure its antimagnetic capacity. With these improvements, the Speedmaster Moonwatch finally acquires the Master Chronometer certificate, a guarantee of optimal performance.


Speedmaster Moonwatch: Is It Worth It?


What the Speedmaster possesses today

The arrival of the new caliber includes some aesthetic adjustments, only appreciable by staunch Speedmaster followers.

The most outstanding are the staggered design of the counters, a type of construction that was already used by the old Speedmaster wristwatch of the sixties, and a new bracelet that significantly improves its fit on the wrist. The price of the new Speedmaster Moonwatch remains at €6,200, which still makes it one of the most affordable options to start a collection.

The launch of the new Speedmaster Moonwatch is completed with a series of NATO-type bracelets and designs inspired by NASA collaborators.

Is the Speedmaster Moonwatch worth it today?

NASA’s approval of the watch and its continued use on space missions (including Apollo 11) hosts a history of awe, respect, and faithfulness that holds nowadays.

The newest Speedmaster Moonwatch is basically that same watch. It is true that the original caliber, the 321, evolved and is cheaper and easier to make. The new version has lost the column wheel but has gained more frequency, which went from 2.5 to 3 hertz and from 21,600 alternations per hour to 18,000. So, the gadget maintains its performance.


Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch: Is it Worth it?


The movement is basically the same, with the same reliability and toughness. You still feel the same pleasant sensation when operating the chronograph pushers or when winding it. Yes, the string is harder than usual as the crown is somewhat hidden. But this was an element present in the first version, so it is completely acceptable.

It is a fact that Omega releases countless models yearly. However, the traditional Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is simple, classic, and has the uniqueness that other Omega watches lack.

The caliber may have changed, but the original design in the new model remains, and it’s beautiful. It’s attractive and elegant and hasn’t needed changes for decades.


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