Stainless Steel vs Glass Splash back: Which is the Right Option for You?

If you are looking for a new kitchen splashback, it can be tough to know which material you should choose. There is a whole array of options available, coming in every shape, color, and size, ensuring you can always find the right solution for your interior. 

However, two of the most popular option available are stainless steel and glass, but which is right for you? We take a closer look at the two unique materials.


Stainless steel kitchen splashbacks 

Stainless steel kitchen splashbacks are a bold design choice and might not suit every interior design; however, they are growing in popularity thanks to the many benefits that they offer homeowners. Alongside being a unique and modern design choice, stainless steel splashbacks are a very affordable solution that ensures they are perfect for every budget.

Stainless steel is also very easy to cut and shape, allowing you to create the perfect design for your kitchen. Of course, the use of a stainless steel kitchen splashback is not just about the visual appeal. The material is non-porous, which means that any splashes or dirt will not seep in or stain from most materials, although acidic foods and drinks can cause permanent marks. That non-porous nature also means that you will be able to simply wipe the surface clean, making it a very hygienic option.

There are some downsides to using stainless steel kitchen splashbacks, though. While it can be very easy to keep clean, it is hard to keep the surface free from smears, which can leave it looking unsightly. While it does have fantastic heat resistance properties, stainless steel can begin to warp over time, seeing you need to replace it quicker than you would with other materials.

Stainless Steel vs Glass Splash back: Which is the Right Option for You?


Glass kitchen splashbacks 

When it comes to robust and stylish splashbacks, glass is one of the most popular materials on the market. Available in almost any color and style imaginable, there is always a solution for your kitchen, no matter the design you have chosen. The glass splashbacks offered by Me and My Glass are also made to measure and cut to size, guaranteeing the perfect fit.

Typically made from toughened glass, this style of splashback offers fantastic longevity and durability, capable of withstanding the high temperatures your kitchen generates. Homeowners can also have complete peace of mind with toughened glass as it will not shatter upon impact, removing the risk of harm.

Glass is also a non-porous material and will not stain should it become splashed. This ensures that you simply need to wipe the surface down regularly to remove any marks and germs, leaving it looking as good as the day that it was first installed.

In order to achieve that perfect finish in your kitchen, it is essential that your measurements are correct. Toughened glass cannot be cut on-site, so you will need to ensure you are supplying the right sizing when you are ordering your glass.

Stainless Steel vs Glass Splash back: Which is the Right Option for You?


Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing between stainless steel or a glass splashback, a lot of it will come down to personal preference and the décor you are aiming for. However, thanks to coming in an array of colors and offering a host of benefits, many homeowners find that glass is the better option for their kitchen.


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