Stairway to Heaven -This Hi-End Speaker Will Make You Hear the Sound of Angels

Fat Lady-Morel

The product philosophy for this speaker is “it’s not over till the fat lady sings”. Perfect sound for some people is the main event and this speaker will deliver just that. This speaker by morel is among the best and has been accoladed by many hi-fi companies. The sound from the fat lady speaker will get you thinking you are actually hearing the angels.

The speaker is an inspiration of Formula One Racing cars technology. Its curvy shape is made to resemble a musical instrument. The finishing is high-quality gloss carbon fiber which adds to its elegance.

The speaker has a double 9-inch woofer, a 1.1″ hand-coated soft dome tweeter, and a 6-inch mid-range. Let’s see what this high-end speaker is made of:]


Stairway to Heaven -This Hi-End Speaker Will Make You Hear the Sound of Angels


The Outlook

The cabinet for fat lady is strong but lightweight. It has an elaborate high-end and three-way audio design with a curvy shape. The outer body is made of lacquered carbon fiber mixed with epoxy resin and fiberglass. The speaker is both acoustically and visually appealing.

Compared to the traditional speakers this one does not have internal damping. The inside of the cabinet is empty.

Also, the enclosure vibrates along with drive units but is controlled. This energy is part of the reproduced sound.

Another outstanding feature of this speaker is that the cabinet produces music with the drive unit. But, it stops immediately when the drive unit stops, thus no delayed resonances. As a result, the speaker sounds like it does not have a cabinet.

Components of the Speaker

The components in a speaker are what determine its performance. This morel speaker developed, designed, and well-tuned the drive units, especially for the fat lady. Although most companies that deal with speakers outsource their drives from specialized manufacturers, morel designed its own for this speaker which makes it even more unique.

It makes you happy knowing all the components of your favorite speaker are made with love and originality.

The Quality of Sound

The quality of sound from Fat Lady is a real deal. The best way of testing the quality of the sound by this speaker is by listening to it. The results of listening to the sound from this speaker are that you will be captivated, you will go through an emotional onslaught, and you will be immersed deeply into its performance. Remember the caption “It’s not over till the fat lady sings.”? You will enjoy every musical experience from this speaker. 

The fat lady speaker is not fat at all. She has a strikingly beautiful appearance with dimensions of 13 x 50 x 17 inches. Other than its outstanding performance, the fat lady will enhance the look of your space. It does not have a single straight line. It is beautifully curvaceous.

When it comes to noise, these speakers are super-sensitive compared to ordinary speakers. It will definitely make you hear the sound of angels in your own living room. 

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