Step-by-Step Instruction on Installing a Complete Bathroom

It may seem redundant, but installing a new bathroom requires as much planning as renovating your new kitchen or flooring. Despite having the best intentions, a misplaced fixture or misfit tiles can destroy the whole setting. 

The extent of detail that installing new bathroom demands has the potential to even foreshadow building new furniture and painting the walls. Moreover, without proper planning and guidance, you may find yourself lost in the list of alternatives for wash basins, toilets, bathroom flooring, and bathtubs. 

In this article, we’ll focus on minimizing your planning stress by providing a step-by-step approach to installing a new bathroom. 


Decide on Your Wall and Flooring

When deciding on bathroom walls, be careful to not choose something that absorbs water and degrades over time. In contrast to other walls in your home, including the kitchen, your bathroom is more prone to water damage. Choose wall fixtures that are moisture-resistant and durable. 

Vinyl wallpapers are a popular choice for bathroom walls due to easier installation mechanisms, but as some of them aren’t water resistant, be careful of what you decide upon. 

White and light texture porcelain tiles are a great choice for bathroom walls and floors as they are completely waterproof and can last a lifetime. 

Waterproof interior paints can also be used for walls if you pair them up with tiles up to a certain height. 

For flooring, tiles and natural stones like granite, slates, and marble work best. But, don’t try to accumulate wood fittings in your bathroom; for them being fragile to water.  


Step-by-Step Instruction on Installing a Complete Bathroom


Choose Fixtures

A plethora of bathroom fixture options is available in the market for you to choose from. The most common ones include: 

  • Smart Toilets

Smart toilets with bidets are the first thing that you need to consider as bathroom fixtures. In a general sense, smart toilets are those that come in with a bidet preinstalled and flush automatically. 

For your modern bathroom, the best bidet toilet combo should be slick, minimal, and synced to your theme. And as they don’t come cheap, you should consider your choices very carefully. In our humble opinion, a good toilet can flush effectively. If the flushing mechanism isn’t adequate, it can underwhelm the bathroom experience despite having the most luxurious materials. 

Moreover, choose a toilet that doesn’t require scrubbing often. But if you aren’t ready to invest in a smart toilet that prevents microorganism build-up, go for something easier to clean. 

  • Wash Basin

Your wash basin will effectively be the most used fixture in your bathroom after the toilets. Investing in the best wash basins should be paramount. Although the most weightage is given to the size of the bathroom and the shape of the basin, other important factors like location, mounting, and material are also critical. 

If you have a bathroom of a smaller size, investing in a large wash basin would only clutter the bathroom and contribute to an inadequate experience. 

Consider the thickness of your wall before choosing the mounting. If you have a 5inch brick wall, it’s better to avoid getting a wall-mounted wash basin. Consider wash basins that can be mounted on a unit to avoid dislocation in the future. 

  • Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets were once optional, but in recent times, the fixture has found its way as a mandatory enlistment in modern home projects. Cabinets are used as storage options in the bathroom where you can fit your skin care, dental care, and hair care products, in addition to essentials that you may need. 

To satisfy the purpose of storage, choose a cabinet that offers adequate space for you. Don’t get a huge cabinet if you aren’t someone who has a detailed skincare or hair care routine. Also, avoid getting a larger cabinet if the bathroom is a smaller one. 

Moreover, consider your bathroom theme before finalizing the cabinet. Ensure that the product you choose fits your approach and complements the tiles or color of your walls and floor. 


Step-by-Step Instruction on Installing a Complete Bathroom


Find a Plumber

Plumbing and woodworks require expertise and experience for perfection. As you can’t develop a website without experience even with all the tools, setting the bathroom fixtures are similar. If your plumber isn’t experienced enough, they wouldn’t be able to determine the order of installations. They might break the tiles or rip apart walls where it isn’t required. 

Finding the right plumber takes a bit of fieldwork. Ensure that they have proper licenses and work experience to do your job. Also, allow them to present reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Try to focus more on the negative reviews if they have one to assess if you can work with them or not. 

Moreover, ask them about where your fixtures should be installed. If they can guide you with their experience, consider them. If not, try finding someone new. Meanwhile, try to get a rough estimation from them. After all, your budget needs to sit in parallel with their demand. 

Carefully Choose Lightings

Mirrors make it difficult to install lighting perfectly in the bathroom. The bigger the mirror, the more challenging it may be to install lighting fixtures that provide ample lighting within glaring. For the same, consider side-mounted sconces that don’t directly reflect in the mirror, but are enough to brighten a smaller bathroom. 

Consider ambient lighting if you don’t have enough windows to fulfill the needs with daylight. Choose lighting fixtures that come with diffusion modules to spread the rays evenly. However, make sure that you decide on it before fixing the tiles. You may need to rip apart the whole wall after installing the tiles if you desire concealed wiring. 


Step-by-Step Instruction on Installing a Complete Bathroom


The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you’ve got comprehensive step-by-step instructions on what needs to be planned to install a new bathroom. In the initial stage, decide on the walls and flooring materials. If you are lenient towards tiles, consider porcelain. However, while doing the walls, make sure that you leave room to install conceal wirings for your lighting fixtures.

Following that, find a plumber who is experienced enough to handle your complex bathroom job and can recommend positions for the fixtures. While choosing fixtures, make sure that you invest in the right smart toilet, wash basin, and cabinets; for them being the most important aspects of your bathroom. 


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