Steps to Buy an Apartment or a House

Knowing the steps to buy an apartment or a house is essential for going the best way. Finding the right property for you and understanding the real estate market dictionary can seem tiring. Still, the team is prepared to be by your side while searching and acquiring the property, ensuring that the deal is practical and safe.

Specialists evaluate all aspects involved in the transaction, such as your needs, the available budget, and the desired house or apartment location, pointing out any incompatibilities and the safest conditions for carrying out the business if you’re looking for a beneficial investment opportunity that offers the most versatile property option, then is the best option available.

In addition, with financial advice, you will learn about the possibilities of buying a financed apartment or a financed house, evaluating the best options offered by banks.


Know all the steps to buy a property:

Until the keys are handed over, the purchase of a property goes through a series of steps, such as the search for the ideal house or apartment, visits to selected locations, the proposal and negotiation with the owner until the financial settlement, the preparation of the contract and, finally, payment.

Real Estate experts know each step of these processes and the reality of the market well and work to ensure that you, who want to buy or are buying a property, evaluate the best options and make the right choices.

So, if you want to find out what you need to know before buying a property, follow this guide to understand all the stages of this journey.

  • Find the property and schedule a visit:

On the website, we have a wide variety of properties; there are thousands of options for all tastes and realities. To facilitate the search for the one that will be right for you, it is possible to apply and control several filters, such as the value of the condominium, the number of parking spaces, and even the incidence of the sun in the environment.

Another feature is registering your profile on the site, which allows you to save properties as favorites. This registration will also provide more information for Real Estate Specialists to find a property that matches your profile. It is the most practical and safe tool.

After that, if you like an available property, you can schedule a visit, make a proposal and ask questions. It is worth remembering that if you like a property but do not intend to buy it in cash, it is possible to simulate the financing, taking into account the values ​​of the installments and the expenses with taxes and the fees charged by the notaries.


Steps to Buy an Apartment or a House


  • Visit the property:

After choosing the property that best suits your needs, it’s time to schedule a visit and get to know the place. A real sstate specialist will show you all the details and answer your questions.

One of the most frequent questions is the form of payment. If you need real estate financing, the Specialist will support you with information, rate research, and documentation so that your letter of credit is approved at one of the partner banks.


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  • Choice of property:

If, after your visit, you are not sure you have found the ideal place to transform your new home and you want to evaluate other properties, no problem: Real Estate Specialist will be by your side to help you until you find the house. Or apartment, right. They will talk about the details that matter for your choice and, thus, will carefully select the options available to offer you.

If the property visited meets your needs and desires, it is time to prepare the purchase proposal according to your intention to pay. At this moment, those who want to buy present the amount they would like to pay for the property and the payment terms. The Specialist mediates the negotiation with the owner until the perfect financial settlement.

  • Contract preparation:

It is time to sign the Promise of Purchase and Sale; a document prepared legal team in which the two parties involved in the transaction sign their commitments to complete the deal.

The signature of the Promise of Purchase and Sale is done digitally. At this stage, the buyer pays the down payment, a part of the entry value that has already been agreed between the two parties.

The legal team of Sky Marketing will always be by your side to guarantee a secure property purchase and sale contract and ensure compliance with the agreed conditions.


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Once the Purchase and Sale Promise has been signed, and the agreed down payment has been paid, it is time for the After-Sales team to take action. At this stage, all the certificates and documents necessary for the property purchase to be completed with total security are provided until the transfer of the deed. This public document formalizes the contract for the acquisition of the property.

Cash payment:

In purchases with cash payment, as soon as all the documentation is correct, the date for the signature of the deed will be set. On this occasion, the person who made the purchase must arrange the payment of the remaining amount.


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Financed payment:

Suppose the purchase of the property is carried out with bank financing. In that case, will take care of the necessary documentation and all the procedures for the approval of the contract with the partner banking institutions. The bank evaluates the documentation and inspects the property. After the financing conditions have been agreed upon and signed by the bank and the buyer, the contract is sent for registration at a notary’s office.

Delivery of the keys:

After all the stages of buying a property, the most awaited moment arrives the delivery of the keys! If payment is made in cash, you can receive them upon signing the deed. When the payment is financed, the delivery of the keys depends on the agreement. It may occur at two different times: at the time of signing the financing agreement or when the bank deposits the financed amount in the account of the person who sold the property.


Steps to Buy an Apartment


Counting on Sky Marketing is counting on someone always by your side:

Now that you know the steps to buy a property safely, it’s time to get to know more about work by talking to specialists whenever you want. Life. Also, take the opportunity to know the blog, with many tips and important information for purchasing your house or apartment. If you want to buy a luxurious yet affordable one, the  is the most convenient option.



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