Steps You Need To Take After Buying Your First Home

Purchasing your first home has to be truly exciting. Now, you must be thinking you’ll start basking in the glory of your new home in peace right away, yeah? You can’t just yet though! Moving into a new home means you need to take immediate action if you don’t want any trouble in the future. These are necessary actions that will save you a lot financially and otherwise. Here are the steps you need to take after buying your first home.



Don’t rely on the locks and the security codes the buyer has provided. Some people really don’t mind using the same locks and even the same security codes. However, you should immediately change the locks to discourage previous owners from entering your home without your permission. There are different kinds of installed security systems in a home so if you don’t know how to make the changes, call the company that installed the locks or look for the manuals.

If the house came with security cameras, ensure they are not the Wi-Fi-enabled type that may provide access to previous owners on a tap on their phone. Call the company and ensure the whole system is updated.


Steps You Need To Take After Buying Your First Home


Home Warranty

Some people receive the home warranty that was purchased by the previous owner. If that is similar to your case, you should contact the warranty provider and review the home warranty to ensure you know the specifics. A home warranty is a great way to cover little things like appliances and home systems. Look for the best deal that is tailored to your needs.


You may need to connect your utilities before you move in. The local service providers make you jump through hoops with verifications and documentation. Therefore, check with local service providers ahead of time and schedule a connection for the utilities before you move into your home.

Repaint the Walls

The walls of your newly purchased home may need a fresh coat of paint depending on its state. If necessary, choose a color palette according to your taste, one that will give your home a personal touch. You can DIY or leave the painting job to a professional. The important thing to remember is that sometimes professionals give a discount if they paint empty rooms.


Steps You Need To Take After Buying Your First Home


Circuit Breaker and Appliance Manuals

Ideally, you must find where the circuit box is located. If you find that it has not been labeled, label the individual circuits to easily identify which circuit goes to which room. Collect all the appliance manuals, make copies, and store them in a place you’ll remember. If you don’t find the manual for the existing home appliances installed in the house, you can look them up online.


Create a maintenance schedule, a checklist, and a budget for the maintenance of your house. You can’t tackle them all at once, so prioritize and make a list. These can include cleaning gutters, carpet cleaning, replacing air filters, and washing the exterior. For a budget, you can save a minimum of 1% of the home purchase annually for maintenance.

You can’t remain complacent when you have just bought a home. There’s a lot to be done to be a successful homeowner. One is that you need to secure your home physically through new locks and from accidents through home warranties. Consider all the tips above after you buy your home but ensure you do them before you actually move in. Doing so, you will notice that it will save you from a lot of things.

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