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Stunning Rooftop Patio Designs for Morning Meditations to Sunset Soirees

When you have the opportunity to turn a rooftop patio into something special, the key is to address both practicalities, so that your patio design will look great long-term, and beautiful, by incorporating your own personal taste or a style that appeals to a lot of potential future buyers. A great source of inspiration is to look over the many homes available in your area, but use these principles of rooftop patio design to make a great, multi-use space.


Make Your Space Moveable and Modular

Rooftop real estate is almost always at a premium, so even if you have a spacious rooftop patio, make every space do double duty. A sectional sofa is beautiful, but it’s even greater if it can easily be rearranged into individual seating or moved up against a wall to give more space to mingle. Consider tables with folding or leaf options, and use corners and alcoves to fit valuable additions like kitchen elements and storage.

Stunning Rooftop Patio Designs for Morning Meditations to Sunset Soirees


Choose Furnishings With Weather In Mind

Unlike sheltered spaces and indoor living rooms, your furnishings will often experience extreme sun or precipitation on a rooftop patio. When you make a furnishing or design choice on the roof, you should do serious research to make sure that it will not fade in a way that you dislike, and that any soft elements like cushions have an easy storage option to protect them from rain and snow.

If you do find that your rooftop design is entirely dependent on some pieces that cannot withstand the elements, consider how you can protect them with a trellis, sunshades, or other design elements that keep the rain, wind, and sun off your treasured items.


Stunning Rooftop Patio Designs for Morning Meditations to Sunset Soirees


Incorporate Plants and Garden Elements Naturally Within the Rooftop Design

Rooftops may have more weathering impacts on your furnishings, but you also get the benefits of having an outdoor living room/dining room/kitchen that is literally in bloom! Adding plants and garden elements that work well in your climate is one of the best ways to make a rooftop patio as sumptuous as possible.

Consider a garden box that includes your favorite flowers near the living and entertaining area, pots or spots for vegetables near the dining area, and a living spice rack with herb plants near any kitchen elements – pull a sprig of rosemary and directly place it on the grilling meat and vegetables right there!

Stunning Rooftop Patio Designs for Morning Meditations to Sunset Soirees


Less Can Be More: Let the Use of Your Patio Develop Organically

While many people come into the design process with big dreams, it’s easy to clutter up a small or even medium-sized rooftop patio. Start with some very key, timeless pieces, such as enough seating for all residents and perhaps a couple of basic dining or kitchen pieces you need to make use of the space.

However, you just don’t know till you live in the space whether you’ll be using it more for sunset parties for 30, meaning that you need very little furniture, or if you’ll want the comfiest, cozy hammock hung up there so you can enjoy drinking your morning coffee with the sunrise. Starting simple lets you figure out what you’re going to do most with the patio, and then add design elements around that use. Enjoy!

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